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Striking Reasons Why You Should Follow Your Dreams
- April 22, 2019

The reason why people fail to follow their dreams is because they lack the courage to do so. If you follow your dreams then that is the fuel to a greater future for you. Good Attractions Have you ever heard that if you have bad energy then you will attract people with the same energy? If you are goal driven then you will attract people of the same sphere. (more...)
The difference between Money and Finance
- November 07, 2018

What is Money and what is Finance? The best place where we can start is by defining these terms. Money and Finance Money is a medium of exchange, which in this day primarily is now coins and banknotes . Fiduciary money is the type of money that depends on the value of confidence. This type of medium of exchange gets its value from the confidence that it will have value. (more...)
Myspace Mistake Has Lost 50 Million Songs From 14 Million Artists Myspace Mistake Has Lost 50 Million Songs From 14 Million Artists
- March 20, 2019

A message to users says “ any photos, videos and audio files ” uploaded to Myspace more than three years ago may now be deleted. Users have been complaining since late last year about missing profile content, with links to music not working on the site. (more...)
Google Stadia Promises Cloud Gaming Revolution Across Devices Google Stadia Promises Cloud Gaming Revolution Across Devices
- March 20, 2019

With the launch, Google is attempting a catch-all service that looks to the future of gaming as a digital cloud-based form. Over the last year, Microsoft has been developing its own cloud gaming solution called Project xCloud , which would allow Xbox One games to be used on any device, including smartphones. (more...)
You Can Never Go Wrong With Food
- February 08, 2019

Below are some of the different types of food that we cannot help but indulge in. Comfort Food Comfort food, this is food that we eat when we need comfort. Healthy Food Healthy food has this tendency of never being appetizing or tasting nice. However, since it is the healthy food we cannot help but eat it. (more...)
The Relationship between Procrastination and Creativity
- February 08, 2019

This is why science came in and a few studies where done as to see how creativity and procrastination are actually a very good combination. Procrastination and Creativity Martin Luther’s “I have a dream” speech and Da Vinci’s Mona Lisa are part of the most creative works in the world. (more...)
Are Savings Accounts a Good Idea?
- January 25, 2019

Savings Accounts? The best part about having a savings account is the savings part. You know that you have a rainy day fund that you can run to when your finances are tied. You can then easily enjoy your online casino games knowing that it will not directly affect your funds. This can, however, cause a bit of confusion in your head as well as your funds. (more...)
Perfect without makeup
- August 25, 2018

Lady Gaga’s impressive recent selfies on Instagram have caused a stir on the internet. This is because people were not expecting a pretty look from a celebrity we are used seeing in exaggerated, out-of-this-world fashion. Taking pride in your natural look is self-empowering and builds up confidence. Alas, it will only end there, looking good will not help you win a jackpot prize at an online casino, visit to learn more about different types of jackpots. (more...)
Gambling Games with Friends
- May 24, 2018

Now friends and family can play casino games together even though they are not together. This is thanks to online gambling technology which has made life easier for punters. The social aspect of the game is one of the top reasons people travel to experience casino gambling even though they have the entire casino floor in the palm of their hands. (more...)

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