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TKO - Best of  
This product was added to our catalog on Friday 01 February, 2008.
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MONTREAL (CANADA) - Finally! The most awaited DVD on the market is available. Featuring international stars like GEORGES ST-PIERRE, DAVID LOISEAU, PATRICK COTE, JONATHAN GOULET, SEAN SHERK, RICH FRANKLIN, DUANE LUDWIG, JENS PULVER, TONY FRYKLUND, PETE SPRATT and Canadian superstars MARK HOMINICK, SAM STOUT, PAIN PETERS and many, many more. TKO Major League MMA brings you the best 35 fights ever held on Canadian soil. Elite fighters from Canada and around the world throw down in the most exciting sport on the planet, Mixed Martial Arts (MMA). Witness sensational knock-outs, submissions and epic battles on this unbelievable TWO DVD set. Witness the evolution of Canadian superstars Georges St-PIerre, David Loiseau, and Jonathan Goulet as they encounter some of the fiercest competitors in the sport. Watch the much talked about fights such as Georges St-Pierre versus Pete Spratt, David Loiseau versus Claudionor Fontinelle and Jonathan Goulet versus Tony Fryklund. Discover what made these fighters into the international stars they are today. Learn why the Canadian MMA scene is a buzz about such young athletes as Mark Hominick, Sam Stout and Patrick Cote. Some of the most incredible moments in MMA have occured in the TKO ring! Duane Ludwig versus Jens Pulver, Joe Doerksen versus Denis Kang and Mark Hominick versus Richard Nancoo are a few examples of the historic encounters on this DVD. Which fight will be your favorite? Other world class fighters on the Best of TKO DVD include: Rich Franklin, Pain Peters, Ryan Diaz, Dave Strasser, Sean Sherk and many, many more! Everyone from the casual sport fan to the most devout fan of MMA will be throughly entertaines by this DVD. Get ready from non-stop action and excitement! Pick your favorite spot on the couch, sit back, relax and enjoy what insiders consider to be the sport of the future! BONUS FEATURES: Exclusive Backstage footage, TKO Bloopers and Exclusive interviews. Robin Moulton vs. Jeromie Sills Pain Peters vs. Charles Ali Nestor Shawn Tompkins vs. David "The Crow" Loiseau Anthony Rea vs. Jeromie Sills Dirk Waardenburg vs. Pain Peters Sean Sherk vs. Claudionor Fontinelle Jeromie Sills vs. Yan Pellerin Pain Peters vs. Stephane Ouellet Anthoney "The Freak" Fryklund vs. Jonathan Goulet 1 Claudionor Fontinelle vs. David "The Crow" Loiseau Anthoney Rea vs. Rich "Ace" Franklin Mark Hominick vs. Richard Nancoo Georges St-Pierre vs. Justin Bruckmann Steve Vigneault vs. Jeromie Sills Joe Doerksen vs. Denis Kang Georges Peters vs. Samuel Guillet Duane Ludwig vs. Jens Pulver Anthoney Fryklund vs. David Loiseau Ryan Diaz vs. Mark Hominick 1 Pete Spratt vs. Georges St-Pierre Patrick Cote vs. Steve Vigneault Shawn Davidson vs. David Goulet Kajan Johnson vs. Stephane Dube Chris Fontaine vs. Steve Vigneault David "The Crow" Loiseau vs. Chris Fontaine Bill Mahood vs. Patrick Cote Sam Stout vs. Steve Claveau Joey Brown vs. Jonathan Goulet Shane Rice vs. Mark Hominick 1 David Goulet vs. Donald Ouimet 2 Mark Hominick vs. Shane Rice 2 Dave Strasser vs. Georges St-Pierre Ryan Diaz vs. Phillipe Lagace Anthoney "The Freak" Fryklund vs. Jonathan Goulet 2 Stephane Vigneault vs. Mark Hominick.

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