Trump dealt loss with Democratic gains in deep-red states

In general elections roughly 4 in 10 voters cast their ballots in ways other than in person on Election Day making them unreachable by interviewers positioned outside polling places. | M. Spencer Green File  AP

Kentucky Attorney General Andy Beshear is the projected victor in a contentious gubernatorial race, overtaking the incumbent Republican Gov. Matt Bevin in a state President Donald Trump won by almost 30 points in 2016.

"We are not conceding this race by any stretch", Bevin told a crowd of supporters although he was shown down by more than 5,100 votes with 100 percent of precincts counted, according to the Louisville Courier Journal.

Recanvasses are commonly requested in close races in Kentucky, but they have never produced a different election outcome and rarely produce a different vote total.

Grimes, a Democrat, has overseen 20-plus recanvasses during her two terms as secretary of state, her office said.

"My expectation is that he (Bevin) will honor the election that was held tonight", Beshear said.

Although Kentucky has a history of electing Democratic governors (Beshear's father ran the state before Bevin), the state has trended solidly conservative in recent years. She scheduled the recanvass for November 14.

"We hope that Matt Bevin honors the results of the recanvass, which will show he received fewer votes than Andy Beshear". Plus, his own Democratic challenger has never won a race, unlike the incoming Democratic governor Andy Beshear, the now elected state attorney general and son of the governor prior to Bevin. "The election is over". Although there is no mandatory recount law in Kentucky, the AP is applying that same standard here.

However, Bevin has not conceded the race. Immediately upon completion of the recanvass, the county boards of elections will file their recanvass reports with the Secretary of State. Recanvasses are more common, but "the likelihood this would change the numbers materially is extremely low", he said.

Mr Trump, who won Kentucky in the 2016 presidential election, said Mr Beshear was "too extreme and too dangerous" to govern the state.

Kentucky, a deep-red state where Donald Trump won by almost 30 points in 2016, had just rejected a Republican governor and Trump sycophant, even after the president made an election eve flyby to push Bevin over the finish line. In 2015, he took that county by about 10,000 votes. Echoing a pattern seen in 2018 around the country, Beshear, like other Democrats, did very well in suburban areas.

The elections in Kentucky on Tuesday saw Republicans hold onto or gain all statewide offices except for the governor's office.

McConnell also scored a victory of sorts on Tuesday night when his former aide, Daniel Cameron, was elected to be the state's next attorney general. Election Day yielded huge Republican loses in Kentucky, Virginia and MS, all of which might be a sign of things to come in 2020.

Mr. Beshear, 41, focused on what he said are the issues Kentuckians care most about: education, jobs, the state's troubled pension system and health care. Now that they're in control, Democrats can help determine congressional and legislative district lines in the future. Rescinding the work mandate could end the lawsuit.

Robert Erikson of Columbia University looked at close gubernatorial elections over 120 years, finding that presidents performed 2% to 3% worse in the states where their party had recently won the governor's office. Mr. Bevin dismissed the poll, saying it wasn't credible.

Indeed, the high turnout was one of the first takeaways longtime Democratic consultant and Kentucky native Jim Cauley noticed on Tuesday night.



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