UGears Steam Locomotive: a unique tribute to the human technological genius

UGears Steam Locomotive: a unique tribute to the human technological genius

Puzzles and construction sets possess a long list of qualities that pose a great impact on developing our brain as well as keeping it healthy. Puzzles improve our memory and problem-solving skills, while construction sets develop our visual-spatial reasoning. Both, however, provide us with that special feeling of accomplishment that we need for good mood, healthy self-esteem, and overall well-being.


3D wooden puzzles by UGears have been created as a perfectly-measured blend of these two categories: being assembled much like the traditional 2D jigsaw puzzles without the use of glue and by simple joining each part of the puzzle together, the UGears sets come in a variety of forms and cover a wide range of subjects, including art, technology, transport, home, and game accessories, and even wildlife. All the puzzle sets are made from 100% natural high-grade plywood and are split into 3 categories by assembly difficulty level, from ‘Easy’ to ‘Hard’ and take from 1 – 3 to 9 – 16 hours to build. The key principle behind each set in motion that is provided by means of moving parts, such as gears, levers, and sometimes a fully-functioning self-propelled rubber-band motor that allows some sets to travel for up to 13 feet in one setting!

The moving elements of each UGears 3D puzzle set provide a perfect illustration of the basic laws of mechanics which turns these moving models into perfect gifts for everyone interested in science and technology.

When technology and art meet

But UGears puzzle sets are not only about practicality. UGears engineers and designers are dedicated to creating unique tributes to the best mechanisms a human mind has come up with over the decades of technological progress. This is why some sets have been created to commemorate the genius of human-made technology. 


The Locomotive by UGears consists of 443 parts and takes between 9 and 16 hours to assemble. It is a highly-detailed replica of a legendary 19th-century steam engine-powered vehicle that features a fully-operational motor and an open exterior design that allows spectators to watch its pistons and valves at work. In addition, a number of details, such as a retractable ladder, opening tender doors and a beautiful boiler room are what makes this set realistic and a truly inspirational take on the historical landmarks of technological advance.



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