Iran unveils chain of 30 advanced IR6 centrifuges

People walk past a satirical drawing of the Great Seal of the United States after new anti-U.S. murals on the walls of former U.S. embassy unveiled in a ceremony in Tehran Iran Saturday Nov. 2 2019

Salehi earlier in the same state TV interview said that Tehran is now operating 60 IR-6 advanced centrifuges in violation of its atomic deal with world powers.

Ayatollah Ali Khamenei said Iran has "trapped the other party in the corner of the ring in many cases", adding that USA aggression toward Iran has only grown "wilder and more flagrant" over the years.

However, the in May previous year US President Trump had pulled out of the nuclear deal while reimposing stiff sanctions on the Rouhani regime despite other stakeholders in the nuclear deal Britain, France and Germany committing to save the deal. Iran responded to United States sanctions by gradually scaling back its commitments under the nuclear agreement and has said it could take further steps in November. Iran has since begun breaking terms of the nuclear deal. They were trying, he said, to pressure America to return of the Shah.

Khamenei has banned Iranian officials from holding such talks unless the United States returns to the nuclear deal and lifts all sanctions.

European financial institutions and others effectively will close most if not all of their Iranian accounts in response to the US action, cutting off Iran's ability to conduct financial transactions for humanitarian trade even through banks other than its central bank, or even when an Iranian exporter holds an account in a foreign country.

Salehi added that Iranian engineers were also working on a prototype called IR-9 and said that this would be 50 times faster than the first-generation IR-1s allowed under the accord.

"While the Iranian regime's decision to jail our diplomats has cast a 40-year shadow over our relations, the United States knows that the longest-suffering victims of the Iranian regime are the Iranian people", Pompeo said.

Iran also backs the Lebanese militant group Hezbollah, which sent thousands of fighters to neighboring Syria to help defeat the uprising against Syrian President Bashar Assad, another key Iranian ally.

M Macron tried to arrange a failed meeting between Iranian President Hassan Rouhani and his American counterpart Donald Trump on the sidelines of the United Nations General Assembly (UNGA) in NY in September.

Meanwhile Monday, demonstrators gathered in front of the former US Embassy in downtown Tehran as state television aired footage from other cities across the country making the anniversary. On November 4, 1979, less than nine months after the toppling of Iran's American-backed shah, students overran the embassy complex to demand the United States hand over the ousted ruler after he was admitted to a U.S. hospital. The violence comes after the hard-line Keyhan newspaper in Iran reiterated a call for demonstrators to seize USA and Saudi diplomatic posts in Iraq in response to the unrest.

Tehran denies it launched the cruise missiles and drone attacks.

The 41-year-old centrist had been scrambling to soothe tensions between Washington and Tehran, which reached boiling point after a September 14 attack on Saudi oil facilities that Saudi Arabia, the U.S. and Europe have blamed on Iran.

"A ban on negotiation with the one of the most important instruments for closing the path for their intervention in Iran", Khamenei said Sunday.



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