BioWare teaser suggests that Dragon Age 4 could be unveiled next month

BioWare hints at imminent Dragon Age 4 activity

Before anyone gets too excited, "Dragon 4ge Day" was a name picked out by fans, with the 4 referring to December 4th, not the 4th Dragon Age game. It's unclear what the studio will reveal on December 4, if anything - but to tweet that and then not say anything about the upcoming fourth game in the series would surely be cruel? "See you on 12/4 for Dragon 4ge Day!". Dragon Age 2 followed in 2011 before Dragon Age: Inquisition wowed players and critics in 2014. The day is made entirely by fans of the world of Thedas, and while it's an unofficial event, BioWare is set to join its community in celebrating the day this year.

As you can see, BioWare is keen to mark the 10th anniversary of the Dragon age franchise with something juicy for Dragon Age 4. Niko Partners analyst Daniel Ahmad reported on Twitter in late October that EA did not expect Dragon Age 4 to release until at least after March 2022.

We first saw Dragon Age 4 teased at the 2018 Game Awards in a trailer that hinted at the involvement of a character known as the Dread Wolf. However, nothing is certain when it comes to the launch date of the next title in the series, namely Dragon Age 4: EA CFO, Jake Jorgensen, has recently revealed that this game "is in the works and probably comes after fiscal '22" and nothing more. Last year, fans raised over $7000 for the charity Child's Play. Regardless, BioWare needs some good press, and a Dragon Age 4 reveal would be a great way to remind everyone what hardcore BioWare RPGs look and feel like.



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