Chick-fil-A backs Sunday's National Sandwich Day, oops!


"I had gotten to try it once and then it sold out and I got upset because I'm like this is a great chicken sandwich".

Cars packed the parking lot to get to the lobby.

The Popeyes sandwich was a part of a "Chicken Wars" between several fast food restaurants - including Chick-fil-A which is notably closed on Sundays - fighting for the best chicken sandwich.

The sorely-missed Popeyes chicken sandwich returned Sunday, Nov. 3 and people were acting ridiculous.

A week later, Popeyes started a viral feud with Chick-fil-A and other fast food restaurants over who serves the best chicken sandwich. After Popeyes released their chicken sandwich, it sold out within a few weeks.

All week, enthusiasts have been prepping for the day they would be able to reunite with their beloved sandwich.

Meanwhile, Popeyes fans shared their excitement about the chicken sandwich's return on Twitter Sunday.

"Finally, it made news that it was coming back today so we were like that's our Sunday lunch and we came", she said. "We've learned from this experience and are looking forward to serving the chicken sandwich to our guests again".

This Twitter user threw shade at Chick-fil-A through the lyrics of Kanye West's new song Closed on Sunday.

Popeyes is relaunching the product on Sunday, November 3, because the date is also National Sandwich Day.

Popeyes' chicken sandwich sparked a social media frenzy when it arrived August 12.



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