Islamic State vows revenge against U.S. for Baghdadi killing

Russian Foreign Intelligence Service Has No DNA Test Data Confirming Al-Baghdadi's Death

In this photo provided by the White House, President Donald Trump is joined by from left, national security adviser Robert O'Brien, Vice President Mike Pence, Defense Secretary mark Esper, Joint Chiefs Chairman Gen. Mark Milley and Brig.

US President Donald Trump has said on Twitter that he knows the identity of Daesh* terrorist group's new leader.

This comes after ISIS named Abu Ibrahim al-Hashimi al-Qurayshi as the new Caliph on Thursday.

Positive identification information on Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi is displayed as U.S. Central Command Commander Marine Gen. Kenneth McKenzie speaks, October 30, 2019, at a joint press briefing at the Pentagon in Washington. "We know exactly who he is!"

Six IS individuals were killed in the raid, for example, al-Baghdadi and 2 kids (not three as mentioned earlier), stated General Kenneth McKenzie, commander of the U.S. central control, in the launch Wednesday of their pictures and more granular details of this raid compared to shared before by President Donald Trump and other military leaders.

He added: "We do not observe a bloodless future, since, sadly, this ideology will be out there, however, we believe there is a means to reach a place where it is likely to be - less and less successful with time".

Whether the loss of its leader will in itself affect the group's capabilities is open to debate.

Islamic State also confirmed the killing in another raid the following day of the group's previous spokesman, Abu Hassan al-Muhajir.

Baghdadi, who led ISIS since 2014 and was the world's most wanted man, died in a U.S. special forces raid in Syria's northwestern province of Idlib on Sunday.

Baghdadi's "caliph" name also ended in Quraishi.

Under Baghdadi, Daesh spread over wide segments of Iraq and Syria beginning in 2013, eventually claiming the formation of a "caliphate" in the region as it plotted and carried out gruesome attacks that reached far beyond its main territorial bastion.

He additionally said the United States and its proxies had been defeated in Iraq and Afghanistan, and that the USA had been "dragged" into Mali and Niger.



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