Trump nominates Dan Brouillette as new US Secretary of Energy

Rick Perry and Donald Trump

"I think the (Republican House) conference is totally united in the idea that we stand behind the President like the American people do", said Ohio Rep. Jim Jordan, the top Republican member on the House Oversight Committee. Those documents are due October 18, according to the subpoena. He made no mention of Ukraine.

Brouillette has also embraced Trump's call for USA dominance of global energy markets and says he backs an "all of the above" policy that promotes nuclear and renewable solar and wind energy as well as coal, natural gas and oil.

Asked whether he would cooperate with the impeachment inquiry, Perry deferred to his legal team.

He also said that he "never heard the Biden name" and that the quid pro quo spelled out in the whistleblower complaint and call memo released by the White House was actually nonexistent.

"They [Ukraine] have to do some things", Perry said.

According to the office of the Energy Secretary, the reason he urged Trump to talk to Zelensky that day was to discuss energy matters. The Energy Department on Friday refused to comply with a House subpoena for Perry. "It's outrageous", said Sen.

Mr Perry's exit had been rumoured for months even before he became entangled in a controversy over Ukraine.

In both accounts, Trump was "skeptical" of the prospect, given the eastern European country's notorious history of corruption. The photos show Perry hugging Murray and the coal boss handing Perry an "action plan" to help the coal companies. But there are no allegations that Perry improperly arranged natural gas deals to benefit oil friends.

He has travelled from Japan to former Soviet states to Qatar, Israel and beyond, promoting US natural gas and production companies.

Perry's departure follows publication Thursday of a Wall Street Journal interview in which he criticized Giuliani for pushing what he saw as conspiracy theories - including one Mulvaney repeated Thursday, that a Democratic email server hacked in 2016 resides in Ukraine.

Perry also tried to persuade Saudi Arabia, the world's largest oil exporter, to build nuclear power plants using USA technology.

Rep. Greg Walden (R-Ore.), the Energy and Commerce Committee ranking member, said in a statement that "anyone who has the pleasure of meeting or working with Secretary Perry knows the enthusiasm and energy he brings to DOE".

The former Texas governor says he will leave his post by the end of the year.



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