Samsung scrambles to squash S10 sensor security snafu

Got a Galaxy Note 10 series phone? Then the One UI 2.0 beta is available for you in some countries

Instead of folding outwards into a tablet-like device, the Galaxy Fold 2 will reportedly use a clamshell design to fold upwards - much like traditional flip phones. It is quite possible that this issue is linked to other reports of similar issues caused by off-the-shelf screen protectors as they apparently leave a small air gap that interferes with the ultrasound. The bad news? Samsung hasn't provided a solid release date for that patch, and though it says that it could have the fix out as early as next week, users are still left waiting with fingerprint scanners that may not function as they should. When Lisa fitted the protector case on her sister's Samsung phone, she discovered that anyone could unlock her sister's phone too.

Samsung has released an official statement addressing the issue.

Samsung's fingerprint scanning technology on the Galaxy S10 is ultrasonic and embedded into the phone's screen. It runs on Qualcomm's Snapdragon 855 processor and has a 4,000mAh battery.The phone is also features the company's first in-screen fingerprint recognition.With both the screens attached, the phone weighs 326 grams, heavier than Galaxy Fold's 276 grams.

According to Reuters and The Sun, the flaw came about after a British user applied a third-party screen protector to her Galaxy S10.

Samsung Galaxy S10's in-display ultrasonic fingerprint sensor is plagued by a weird flaw that enables anyone to unlock the smartphone. This explains why anyone pressing down on the silicone cover was able to unlock devices, because the sensor would see the same silicon pattern, rather than detect the actual fingerprint. But it turns out that the only revolutionary thing about the ultrasound sensor is how easy it is to bypass it.

"We recommend all customers to use Samsung authorized accessories, specifically designed for Samsung products". The Galaxy S10 trio hasn't had any major issues. The latest malfunction is reportedly due to several updates introduced in the new phone to enhance the fingerprint recognition capabilities.

"This issue involved ultrasonic fingerprint sensors unlocking devices after recognizing 3-dimensional patterns appearing on certain silicone screen protecting cases as users' fingerprints", Samsung said in a statement.



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