Brexit Standoff as Boris Johnson Defies MPs' Vote to Delay EU Exit

Johnson's deal has the backing of EU leaders but convincing the UK parliament is expected to be more of a challenge

The crowds are planning to converge on Parliament Square as legislators are voting on Brexit departure plans put forth by Conservative British Prime Minister Boris Johnson.

Saturday's vote requires the prime minister to ask the European Union to extend the Brexit withdrawal date a third time, tentatively until January 31, 2020, or another date of Brussels' choosing.

But Johnson has repeatedly said he will not do this and on Saturday he stuck to that line.

The letter written by Prime Minister Boris Johnson to MPs saying he will tell the European Union that "further delay is not a solution".

British Prime Minister Boris Johnson leaves 10 Downing Street to go to the Houses of Parliament in London on October 19, 2019. House of Commons Speaker John Bercow said he would first allow a vote on an amendment that essentially puts the vote on the deal off until another day.

The amendment proposed that a decision on whether to back a Brexit deal be deferred until all the legislation needed to implement it has been passed through parliament.

Anti-Brexit remain in the European Union supporters take part in a "People's Vote" protest march calling for another referendum on Britain's EU membership, in London, Oct. 19, 2019.

However, an anti-Brexit advocate said he hopes Mr Johnson's new deal will be defeated.

Prime Minister Boris Johnson is to write to Brussels seeking a Brexit deadline extension after MPs voted Saturday to demand he delay Britain's October 31 departure date. Parliament rejected her deal three times, by margins of between 58 and 230 votes earlier this year.

The Letwin amendment holds off on giving final approval for the UK-EU deal until after that detailed legislation - the Withdrawal Agreement Bill - is passed.

Three years after the country voted 52-48% to leave the European project, many Britons say they are bored with the whole Brexit argument and just want the process to end.

He is compelled by law to ask for the extension, but he said "it can not change my judgment that further delay is pointless, expensive and deeply corrosive of public trust".

At a rare weekend sitting of Parliament, lawmakers voted 322-306 to withhold their approval on the Brexit deal until legislation to implement it has been passed.

The debate starts from 7.30pm AEDT and coincides with a mass demonstration to parliament demanding a "People's Vote", with an option to reverse Brexit.

Brexit "Super Saturday" topped a frenetic week which saw Johnson confound his opponents by clinching a new Brexit deal.

Though she later succeeded in negotiating a Brexit deal, she failed three times to get it through the House of Commons and was ultimately forced to request two Brexit delays.

The move by parliament, on a day Johnson had pitched as a day of reckoning for Brexit, increases the chances that the divorce will be delayed and thus increases the opportunity for opponents of Brexit to frustrate the United Kingdom's departure.

"I want us to finish this off and speak about the future", Macron said.

"This deal would inevitably lead to a Trump trade deal, forcing the diverge from the highest standards and expose our families to chlorine-washed chicken and hormone-treated beef", said the leader of the opposition Labour Party, Jeremy Corbyn, referring to fears of chemically treated imports from the United States.

Yet his hopes of getting the deal through Parliament were dealt a blow when his Northern Ireland ally, the Democratic Unionist Party, said it would not back him. "He can no longer use the threat of a no-deal crash-out to blackmail MPs to support his sell-out deal". She added that Mr. Johnson is counting on MPs and the public, being so fed up with the Brexit debate that they'll support any deal to end the saga.



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