Some Hong Kong ‘education’

A demonstrator stomps on Lebron James jerseys during a rally at the Southorn Playground in Hong Kong Tuesday Oct. 15 2019. Protesters in Hong Kong

Hong Kong's leader expressed "frustration and disappointment and regret" Wednesday over steps by the U.S. Congress to support pro-democracy protesters in the territory and warns they'll hurt American companies operating there.

Sham is the convener of the Hong Kong Civil Human Rights Front (CHRF), a pro-democracy organization that has taken a leading role in ensuring the legality of the ongoing protests in the city.

Withdrawal of the extradition bill. Others held up placards with images of Carrie Lam with bloodied hands, conveying their anger at her refusal to hold an independent inquiry into alleged police brutality.

Lawmakers protest as Hong Kong Chief Executive Carrie Lam attempts to deliver her annual policy address, at the Legislative Council in Hong Kong on October 16.

She said she was working with the city's 180,000 public servants and transport authorities to restore order, although that task was made harder by members of the public sympathetic to the cause of the "rioters", as she termed hardcore protesters.

Hong Kong's instability is fuelled by years of growing fears Beijing is eroding the city's unique freedoms, contrary to a deal that outlined Hong Kong's 1997 return to China from British colonial rule. The demonstrations have become the biggest popular challenge to President Xi Jinping since he took office in 2013.

She gave up initial attempts to deliver the address after pro-democracy lawmakers called out for "five demands, not one less" and projected the protest rallying cry on to a backdrop behind her. "This very vicious attack took place practically on the eve of the call for yet another massive protest in Hong Kong on Sunday", Mo said in the territorial parliament on Thursday.

Police immediately launched a manhunt but failed to locate the assailants' getaway vehicle, Ng said.

The case, temporarily listed as wounding, is being handled by a unit of the District Crime Squad of Mong Kok District.

Pictures on social media showed Jimmy Sham of the Civil Human Rights Front lying in the street beside a auto, covered in blood.

CHRF said he suffered three wounds to the head and has swollen knees and elbows.

After the attack, the suspects left Sham covered in blood on his arms, head and the road where he was assaulted.

Police said that the attack was carried out at around 7:30 pm by six or seven people. Sham is the main spokesman of the Civil Human Rights Front, a group which advocates non-violence and organised a series of record-breaking, peaceful marches earlier this summer.

Police and protesters, some dressed in black ninja-style outfits, have fought running street battles for weeks, with police firing tear gas, rubber bullets and occasionally live rounds against brick and petrol-bomb throwing activists.

The South China Morning Post alleged that the unidentified assailants, who are still at large, were "non-ethnic Chinese", despite the fact that they were reportedly covering their faces. The Asian financial hub has an average living space of about 13 square meters per person in 2018 - or an area smaller than the size of two average bathtubs laid out side by side.

Beijing rejects the charge and accuses Western countries of stirring up trouble.

Opponents argued this would undermine the "one country, two systems" agreement governing the territory's autonomy, and allow Beijing to persecute political dissidents in Hong Kong. It also allows qualified Hong Kong residents to work or study in the US even if they have been arrested for participating in nonviolent protests.



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