Biden Insists He, Son Hunter Did Nothing Wrong in Ukraine

Joe Biden speaks at the Democratic presidential primary debate on Tuesday night

"That's what we should be focusing on", Biden veered, without addressing the underlying question.

"Did I make a mistake?" "But did I make a mistake based on some ethical lapse?"

The 49-year-old son of former Vice President Joe Biden told ABC's "Good Morning America" that accepting the lucrative position was, in retrospect, "poor judgment". Actually, Hunter Biden has.

The younger Biden was a lawyer at a top Washington law firm with expertise in corporate governance. But he acknowledged on Tuesday that he probably would not have been asked to serve on the board if not for his name.

Ingraham found Biden's response laughable and criticized Robach for not pressing him more on his dealings with Ukraine and China, at one point saying she was "throwing the lifeline" to Biden.

In recent months, in what has become the center of an impeachment investigation into Trump, the president lobbied Ukraine to investigate the Bidens over his "corruption" conspiracy, which critics have called an obvious abuse of power for political gain. Trump has denied wrongdoing.

His son's statement on ABC News "speaks for itself", Biden added. "Why did you get $1.5 billion, Hunter?" asked President Trump rhetorically. "That's the rule I'm going to adhere to". "The fact is that it is outrageous".

The former VP strayed a bit, before somehow finding a way to invoke the first president of the United States. "I carried out the policy of the United States in rooting out corruption in Ukraine".

"The president held a campaign rally last night and attacked Hunter Biden".

Trump also referred to the exorbitant salary Hunter Biden received from a Ukrainian energy company that hired him at about the same time his father was chosen by then-President Barack Obama to lead U.S.

"I gave a hook to some very unethical people to act in illegal ways to try to do some harm to my father". No, not in any way. "Rudy Giuliani, the president, and his thugs have already proven that they, in fact, are flat lying".

"What I think is important is we focus on why it's so important to remove this man from office", he said. "The reason I'm able to do that is because I am absolutely enveloped in love of my family".

Upon playing this clip, Noah immediately mocked the former vice president.

"I've done esteemable things and things that are - have been in my life that I regret". "I never discussed a single thing with my son about anything having to do with Ukraine. I've gone through my own struggles".



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