Barack Obama endorses Justin Trudeau in Canadian federal election

Obama Asks Canadians To Back Trudeau For Another Term

Heyman, who was appointed envoy by Obama, wrote that he and the former president got to work directly with Trudeau.

Trudeau apologised for wearing blackface and brownface, and said he took responsibility for mistakes made in the ethics case. "The world needs his progressive leadership now, and I hope our neighbors to the north support him for another term", said Obama in a tweet sent Wednesday.

Trudeau was the first Canadian prime minister the United States honoured with a state dinner in nearly two decades when Obama invited him and his wife to Washington in March 2016 after Trudeau won power the previous October.

Asked during a campaign event Thursday in the Quebec riding of Trois-Rivieres whether he or his team asked Obama for the endorsement, Trudeau would only say that the former president "makes up his own mind".

Trudeau is seeking re-election in the 43rd Frequent election scheduled to occur on October 21. He's a full of life-working, efficient chief who takes on enormous components adore local climate trade.

Mr Trudeau's rival, Conservative leader Andrew Scheer, said that he is "not very interested what former foreign leaders are saying".

For some, Obama's endorsement of Trudeau raised concerns.

In 2016, Trudeau became the first Canadian Prime Minister to attend a dinner courtesy of the American President in almost two decades when he and wife Sophie were invited to a US state dinner.

On Wednesday, Obama voiced his support for Trudeau on Twitter as the clock ticks down to election day next Monday with the prospect of the Liberals or Conservatives being forced to form a minority government.

Obama's endorsement was also surprising because of his decision to engage in global politics, choosing to meddle in a foreign election.

Obama's tweet comes less than a week before Canadians head to the polls. He tweeted his support for Emmanuel Macron ahead of France's 2017 presidential election.

While some critics attempted to characterize Obama's tweet as "foreign interference" in Canadian elections, the agency overseeing the country's elections said it was not inappropriate about foreigners to express a preference regarding the outcome of the upcoming contest.

Scheer said he'd let Canadians judge whether Obama's endorsement is appropriate.



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