Paras Chhabra's ex Sara Khan has this special message for him

Shehnaaz and Paras have confessed falling for each other but Paras was now seen discussing with her whether they should continue as friends

Arti Singh gives advice to Sidharth Shukla to control her anger and do things accordingly. Daljeet confronts Shehnaaz about her behaviour towards Paras and Mahira.

Dalljiet makes Mahira understand to not be a second-angle in Shehnaaz- Paras connection. She throws Rashami's pot because she feels even she is fake. Koena says that she's affronted that Asim asked her talk about his body. Apart from this, the game of Paras is understood by the rest of the housemates. He tells Arti that he has to create a bond with the housemates to be safe. Rashami is the only one to support her in the whole house. She gets upset about it and starts crying. Koena has a conversation with Paras over the same to which he says that he will call her if he gets the key again. Paras inform everyone about this. Paras accuses Shefali of inciting Shehnaaz which makes her angry. Shehnaaz then gets emotional and says that every time her heart gets broken because of him. Shefali stated all she did was, request Paras to convince Dalljiet to select somebody else's bud.

Shenaaz comes to Sidharth Shukla to rescue her. Devoleena cries when people lash out at her over her cooking style.

Although the audience has been voting to save their favourite contestants, there are quite a few who are willing to vote but unaware of the Bigg Boss 13 voting process. Shefali tells Paras why didn't he use his influence. Paras being the macho man and everyone's friend jumps into the pool to save Mahira's pot in the pool.

Apart from that, Paras Chhabra and Shehnaaz Gill's relationship turned sour and Mahira Sharma took advantage of it to attract the cameras. Mahira tells Shehnaz to solve the problem and not create havoc. In Wednesday's episode, it was amusing how during the Raani No 1 task the male contestants staged a Bollywood-ish fight with Abu Malik before giving him a chance to pick the key of the door and free a "queen" of his choice. Paras tried to instigate Arti and advised her that everybody thought her to be a helpless contestant. Arti tells Shukla to calm down. This week, Rashami, Koena, Shehnaz and Dalljiet, have been nominated for elimination.



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