'South Park' Removed from Chinese Internet

South Park Band in China

The creators of "South Park" have responded to China's ban of their critical "Band in China" episode with a very on-brand "official apology" that wasn't an apology at all - more of a plug for the Comedy Central show's upcoming 300th episode. In the same episode, a producer wants to make a movie about Stan Marsh's new band, but tells Stan they must remove certain elements to make it palatable to Chinese censors.

The guys behind "South Park" are taking shots at the National Basketball Association for apologizing to China. and it's pretty amusing in an "International political incident" sort of way.

The latest episode of "South Park" took several shots at the Chinese government for censorship and Hollywood film companies like Disney for going along with it in order to get their films released in the lucrative Chinese market.

The show is being scrubbed from Chinese social media platforms for its commentary on Hollywood's willingness to abandon American ideals to curry favor with the Chinese government.

The authorities, in the finish, has wiped the repeat, and almost every episode - and even repeat - of South Park has been faraway from the net in the country, as The Hollywood Reporter notes. At the camp, Randy happens to run into fellow prisoner Winnie the Pooh, a not-so-subtle jab at Chinese censors' ongoing ban on imagery of the gentle, honey-loving stuffed animal after online mocking of president Xi Jinping's slightly rounded bear-shaped physique using the iconic character became a viral sensation several years ago.

The offending episode, which aired this past Wednesday, featured dual story lines destined to raise eyebrows in The Middle Kingdom.

Upon arrival in China, Randy gets arrested for attempting to bring marijuana into the country, and is forced to make dolls in a prison sweatshop and read communist literature.

To be fair to 'South Park' creators Trey Parker and Matt Stone, there is every chance they knew exactly what they were doing with this. May this autumn's sorghum harvest be bountiful! A search of the Twitter-like social media service Weibo turns up not a single mention of South Park among the billions of past posts. Per the Hollywood Reporter, "all links to clips, episodes and even full seasons of the show are now dead".



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