Extinction Rebellion protestors pour fake blood over New York's capitalist bull

Rob Cooper former Police Chief Superintendent and now a supporter of Extinction Rebellion

Police in Australia and New Zealand have already arrested dozens of Extinction Rebellion activists on Monday.

"People in the environmental movement and climate scientists have been trying to persuade the public and government to take serious action and nothing has happened", he told Reuters.

In the UK, Extinction Rebellion is calling on the Government to declare a climate and ecological emergency, to act immediately to halt wildlife loss and to reduce greenhouse gas emissions to net-zero by 2025.

"Police wish to thank the many citizens who were inconvenienced this morning in traffic for their patience, while police negotiated a peaceful end to the protest". More than 1,000 people were arrested, many of whom are now facing trial.

On Saturday, officers used a battering ram to enter a building in south London where activists had been storing materials to use during the protests.

More than 20 people have been arrested in London in connection with the protests, the Metropolitan Police said on Monday.

Corinne Le Quere, professor of climate change science at the University of East Anglia said the battle to avoid catastrophic temperature rises will need to become a personal issue for everybody.

An onlooker said he saw at least five people arrested after they refused to let a van through the road.

In an effort to raise awareness about the climate crisis, protesters, who are a part of the group Extinction Rebellion, are preventing drivers from passing over the bridge.

Meanwhile, Dutch police said they had detained about 90 demonstrators who were blocking a busy Amsterdam street Monday as part of a climate protest by the Extinction Rebellion group.

Mr Osborn said: "I'm doing this for our future. We had demonstrations, and they are still leading us down the road to absolute disaster, a disaster that will be so much worse than any disruption that we are able to cause in a week in Dublin".

"In a car-dependent city, interfering with traffic is one of the best ways of interfering with business as usual", the group wrote in a Facebook post.

According to Extinction Rebellion London, authorities also seized disability ramps and other items aimed at making protests sites "accessible and safe for all".

Activists sang "Solid as a rock, rooted as a tree" gathered at dawn at the iconic Victory Column near Berlin's Tiergarten park.

Activists barricaded themselves to vehicles in Westminster early on Monday as the demonstrations got under way.

"The aim is de-escalation and to break up the blockade and allow for the safe flow of traffic", police said in a statement. In Sydney, hundreds blocked a road before being dispersed, and thirty people were charged.

The demonstration continued near the toll plaza for about three hours before the Bridge Commission asked police to clear the area so the bridge could reopen.

"We don't have a specific time frame when this is going to be moved along, we don't control all the factors, but we do continue to monitor the situation and we will be able to take whatever appropriate action we feel is necessary at the time", he said.



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