Trump's Rhetoric Has Intensified As Impeachment Inquiry Heats Up

Attorney Mark Zaid

The official reportedly has more direct information about Trump's July phone call with Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky than the first whistleblower, two officials briefed on the matter told the Times, which may bolster the credibility of the complaint.

The IC IG did not immediately respond to a request for comment.

The president seized on the information after blasting the "cloud" that he has had to live under for three years, in a reference to the Mueller probe.

On Thursday, Kurt Volker, the former USA envoy to Ukraine, testified on Capitol Hill, sharing a series of text messages with lawmakers detailing efforts to secure a meeting between Trump and Ukrainian President Voldymr Zelenskiy along with a commitment by the Ukrainians to conduct investigations into the 2016 election and the Bidens.

Later, Trump, who regularly attacks the paper that established the timeline, tweeted a link to the New York Times story, and tweeted: 'SCHIFF IS A FRAUD!'

Schiff "learned about the outlines" of the whistleblower complaint from the House Intelligence Committee aide who consulted with the CIA officer, the Times reported. The form includes checkboxes for disclosures to other inspectors general, other agencies, the Department of Justice, the Government Accountability Office, the Office of Special Counsel, other executive branch departments, Congress and its respective committees, and media.

"Mingling our own domestic politics with legitimate concerns about China's unfair trade practices is not a good avenue for getting a big deal done", the person said. The wording of the form that whistleblowers use to raise concerns was already under review, and was changed after the whistleblower made the complaint about President Trump's phone call. The aide then shared some of what the person conveyed, though not his identity.

Schiff previously declared numerous times that he did not know about the complaint before the IGIC notified his committee.

Washington has long resisted handing over the fugitives, many of them accused of bribery, corruption and embezzlement, because of questions about the impartiality of China's judicial system and the fairness of the charges. "I want to make sure that there's nothing that I do that jeopardizes the whistleblower in any way".

Trump's campaign went further in a recent ad. "And he never said that to me".

'That's what the word is.

Trump, who has denounced the impeachment as a witch hunt and worse, this time made the request to China openly, just days before a Beijing delegation is to visit the U.S. for trade negotiations. The next day, Trump added on Twitter: "Arrest for Treason?" Just to finish on this, I appreciate it.

Mr Trump and his supporters allege that Mr Biden abused his power to get Ukraine to back away from a criminal investigation into a Ukrainian energy company, Burisma, that employed his son, Hunter, on its board.

"We can't determine that yet", Ernst said during a town hall meeting in Templeton.

'I think he had some kind of a mental breakdown, ' Trump said. Trump's lawyers have suggested the whistle-blower had legal help in drafting the complex compliant that is sprinkled with Latin and legal phrases.

The phone call that Elwood considered to be a criminal referral is in addition to the referral later received as a letter from the Inspector General for the Intelligence Community regarding the whistleblower complaint.

He continued: 'This is a regular occurrence, given the Committee's unique oversight role and responsibilities.

A longtime United States diplomat who served as Trump's special envoy for Ukraine spoke to congressional committee members and staff as part of the Democratic-led impeachment probe.



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