Picard Is Coming This January, Here's Yet Another Fabulous Trailer

'Star Trek: Picard' debuts January 23rd, 2020

New York Comic Con proved especially prosperous for "Star Trek" fans, as the first teaser trailer for "Star Trek: Discovery" season three and a brand new look at "Star Trek: Picard" were unveiled during Saturday's panel. As the trailer continues, Isa Briones is introduced as new character Dahj, who needs his help.

Star Trek: Picard features Sir Patrick Stewart reprising his iconic role as Jean-Luc Picard, which he played for seven seasons on "Star Trek: The Next Generation". The shorts are approximately 10-15 minutes long and are stand-alone short stories that allow fans to dive deeper into the key themes and characters that fit into "Star Trek: Discovery: and the expanding "Star Trek" universe". Instead, he'll have to team up with 7 of 9, Riker, and Deanna Troi. "I came here to find safety", Picard says. His previous very first officer's response is a nod to their sophisticated historical past on "The Up coming Era". "I don't think the fans would have appreciated that", executive producer Heather Kadin said about regrouping everyone for nostalgia's sake. As viewers will know, this next chapter throws the crew of the Discovery into a far-flung future (930 years later, to be exact) where everything is uncertain - including the fate of sentient life. "We only brought people back if their story was part of the story that we were telling". Well, the usually optimistic Star Trek future doesn't look to be all to bright and cheery anymore.

We see Jean-Luc on his vineyard, still having nightmares about something bad that happened that led him to leave Star Fleet. "Sometimes it's unpleasant and not comfortable and inconvenient and hurtful - but responsibility phone calls".

Star Trek: Picard, which begins its 10-episode run on CBS All Access on January 23rd, 2020, opens roughly two decades after the events featured at the end of The Next Generation.

CBS All Access also utilized New York Comedian Con 2019 to announce a new installment of "Short Trek" mini episodes that delve into "Discovery" characters' pasts. The first, written by Pultizer Prize-winning author Michael Chabon and directed by Mark Pellington, "Q&A" follows Ensign Spock's (Ethan Peck) first day aboard the U.S.S. Enterprise, which doesn't go as planned when he and Number One (Rebecca Romijn) are unexpectedly stuck in a turbo-lift (a.k.a.an elevator).



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