Destiny 2 Shadowkeep Raid to Go Live Soon

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The raid itself is called the "Garden of Salvation," and will center around the vex again (the Vex love starting up expansions!) in the Black Garden, a deeply story-rooted locale from the original game. The developer, this week, released a new trailer, showcasing the Shadowkeep's first raid.

During the launch of the first raid, players will go through the new raid blind, and they need to figure out what to do with their comrades. These races can come down the wire and last season the world's first title was won by mere minutes. The raid has a starting requirement of 890 but ramps up to 920 for the final battle.

While we don't know the exact power-level requirements the raid will enforce after the 24-hour race is completed, it's safe to assume it will be like the Crown of Sorrows raid, where Contest Mode was a good 15 to 20 light levels below the actual recommended light (gotta make those streamers sweat). Unfortunately, the developer has banned the exotic weapon Jotunn from the raid for 24 hours due to its effectiveness in combating enemies and bosses.

As per tradition, teams across the world will be racing to complete the raid before any others. Or are you just excited to return to the Black Garden?

The raid will be the first one since Shadowkeep's launch earlier this week, and Bungie are offering up a wealth of prizes for squads who finish it - including an actual, honest-to-goodness Championship belt to the fireteam that finishes it first. For more about the first raid, check out Bungie or Destiny 2 websites. If this Destiny raid is like any of the previous raids it will test the patience and resolve of all who feel bold enough to venture forth the first day. If Bungie has another Last Wish style adjustment coming, I'm excited to see it.



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