Microsoft Surface Laptop 3, new Windows devices to launch today

Surface Laptop 3 Surface Pro 7 and Surface Book 3 to launch today

Microsoft has achieved strong growth from its cloud services and revenues from its Xbox gaming business, Bing search, Surface tablets and PCs, as well as the professional social network LinkedIn acquired in 2016. It was a fascinating idea that never came to fruition, but Microsoft is going all-in with dual-screen devices in 2020. Microsoft's press release makes it clear, however, that we're looking at an Android handset.

Though industry experts and Microsoft fans have a fair idea of what the company has in store for the event, it could still deliver some surprises.

Microsoft's focus when it comes to the dual-screen folding Duo is productivity, it's all about "what you can do on it". The Windows 10 S has failed to gain traction. The Surface Laptop 3, the other new device, now comes in a 15-inch version on top of the existing 13.5-inch variant. It supports all apps, including Microsoft Office.

While there was a lot of chatter about the hardware, also important was the announcement of Windows 10x. Windows 10X has been designed with both professionals and consumers in mind.

It's unclear what the Surface Centaurus would look like. That combines two 5.6-inch touchscreens in a clamshell form-factor, which unfold to make an 8.3-inch display in total. It should also protect users from hackers and viruses in all circumstances. For connectivity it's got LTE advanced.

Microsoft already has its own messaging platform aimed at collaboration at work, called Microsoft Teams, and reports suggest any new speaker could be aimed at users of that software.

What other products to expect at the event?

Still, he noted, some investors continue to question the wisdom of the hardware investments, especially after early failures led to a write down in 2013, and a sales shortfall in 2017.

Folks who bought that underpowered Apple MBA past year are sure to be kicking themselves after Microsoft announced its bigger and more powerful Surface Laptop 3 on Wednesday. Microsoft hasn't upgraded the Surface Book lineup in nearly two years. Pair it with a Surface Pro X Signature Keyboard and new Slim Pen.

Microsoft's October hardware event was all about dual-screen devices. Dubbed SQ1, the chip features a dedicated machine learning accelerator and provides three times as much performance per watt than the 2018 Surface Pro 6.

The Surface Neo is both a laptop and tablet. The laptop starts at $999 for the 13.5 inch, and $1,199 for the 15 inch. The Surface Pro 7 now includes a USB-C port (finally) and a more powerful 10th Gen Intel CPU that promises up to twice the speed.



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