Tesla Reveals Biggest Model Update Ever

Tesla Adds Spotify, Netflix, YouTube and Hulu Support

Calling it Tesla's (TSLA) "biggest software update ever" Version 10 "is yet another example of how Tesla ownership continues to get better over time", the company said in its blog post announcing the update.

Also available in the center console will be Tesla tutorial videos to teach customers more about their vehicles, something Tesla executives mentioned as a priority on the company's last earnings call.

Tesla's self-driving capabilities aren't yet advanced enough for drivers to switch off and watch movies, and thankfully the company notes that you can "watch your favorite shows, movies and content right from your vehicle while parked". The feature sounds ideal for those who are waiting to pick up their kids or are waiting in a parking lot before a football game. You can connect your Netflix, YouTube or Hulu account (including Live TV on the latter), or iQiyi and Tencent Video if you're in China.

Tesla vehicle owners in the United States are getting new treats starting Thursday this week with the rollout of V10.0, its release highlighting the much-awaited system integration of music streaming service Spotify.

Probably the most interesting feature is the Smart Summon.

On mapping, there's also a Google-like "I'm feeling lucky" option that will let you tell the satnav to take you on an adventure - and you can do the same for food, so you'll be taken to a restaurant within range.

On the move, drivers will also benefit from an improved 360-degree view around the auto, as Driving Visualisation now recognises and displays a wider variety of objects and lane lines. In China, Tesla is also rolling out Ximalaya, a podcast and audiobook streaming service.

The violations included a 2018 tweet from Musk's personal account that said nothing was stopping employees from voting, "But why pay union dues & give up stock options for nothing?"

Maps Enhancement: Search results in maps will be sorted based on distance to each destination; users can also tap on highlighted points of interest, businesses or search results in the larger map view to see business ratings, start a phone call, or begin navigating to the location.

Now Sentry Mode video clips are stored in a separate folder on the user's USB drive and older clips are automatically deleted if the drive is low on space. Additionally, Cuphead - the notoriously-difficult, Disney cartoon-inspired sidescrolling platformer - is now available for the in-car Tesla Arcade. One of our favorites is the new "Joe Mode", which lowers the cabin volume for select alerts such as parking chimes - flawless for when you have sleeping passengers in the rear seats that you don't want to wake up.



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