Call of Duty: Mobile Launches October 1

COD Mobile

The Call of Duty: Mobile release date is finally confirmed: you can start running and gunning on your phone on October 1... unless you live in Canada or one of the other countries that the game soft-launched in weeks ago, in which case just go ahead and keep playing. The initial lineup of maps pulls heavily from the early Modern Warfare and Black Ops series, with favorites like Crash, Crossfire, and Hijacked. COD Mobile includes "experiences from both the Modern Warfare and Black Ops series of games", meaning you can expect plenty of fan-favourite maps, killstreaks, and weapons.

The game will be the first free-to-play Call of Duty title and will feature both multiplayer and a battle royale mode.

Activision first announced Call of Duty: Mobile back at GDC event in March.

Battle Royale mode will feature up to 100 combatants on a map designed exclusively for the mobile title.

Call of Duty: Mobile is Activision's first large free to play venture in the mobile market, as the mobile gaming industry continues to expand at an incredible pace in my markets worldwide.

Multiplayer will contain primary and secondary weapons, a soldier type, an operator skill, lethal and tactical equipment, and three perks.

Then, of course, we have battle royale, which was a given for Call of Duty: Mobile considering the popularity of the genre at the moment. Matches will play out over land, sea, and air, with plenty of fun vehicles including a helicopter, ATV, and tactical raft. You'll be able to queue up for solo, duo, and four-player team playlists at launch.

Those who can't wait for the game can preregister via the Call of Duty: Mobile website.



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