Russia detains North Korean vessels

North Korea Vessel Attacks Russian Marine Border Guards 3 Injured

The clash, which occurred on Tuesday, follows a string of earlier incidents involving North Korean fishermen.

The FSB said in a statement Tuesday that the border guards were patrolling the Sea of Japan when they detected two North Korean ships and 11 motor boats.

This picture taken on August 30, 2011 shows fishermen going out in their boats as the cruise ship Mangyongbong prepares to dock at Mount Kumgang port in the first-ever cruise from Rason in North Korea.

Russia's FSB said the Coast Guard arrested one North Korean ship and its crew poaching fish in Russia's exclusive economic zone, but sailors on board another vessel violently resisted detention, injuring three troops.

North Korea has yet to comment on the incident, but Russia's Foreign Ministry has expressed "serious concern" and summoned the country's top diplomat.

"Two fishing vessels and over 80 North Korean citizens were detained", the FSB told TASS news agency.

The Russian crew was working to prevent illegal fishing at the time of the attack.

Writing for NK News in December a year ago, North Korea watcher Andrei Lankov noted how the DPRK's fishermen often head further afield in search of more abundant fishing grounds. "The expulsion of the Japanese ships from our zone is a just and righteous exercise of our sovereign rights".

The border guards managed to detain one of the vessels with 21 crew members, while the crew of the other launched an attack, according to the FSB.

"Activities of North Korean poachers has been thwarted".



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