LOOK TO THE SKY: Rare full moon on Friday the 13th

Barista Maverick Goodson says she isn't usually superstitious about things like Friday the 13th. Will the Tranquil Buzz Coffee House where she works suffer from a loss in revenue from customers who might stay home on the traditional day of bad luck?

Making Friday night and Saturday night the flawless opportunity in Perth to witness the smaller moon. According to NASA the moon will appear to be full through Sunday night. Be that as it may, tonight time's Harvest Moon is being known as a "micromoon" due to being about 14% smaller in the sky than an average full moon. This iteration will appear 14 percent smaller than February's spectacularly large supermoon, according to Farmers' Almanac, because it will have almost reached apogee, meaning the moon's farthest point of orbit - 252,100 miles - from Earth.

In the Central, Mountain or Pacific time zones, the moon turns full before midnight on Friday. The final time it occurred was within the yr 2000 and it gained't occur once more till 2049. Friday night's moon will be 1 313 km farther than that.

If you're looking for a fun Friday night activity, considering inviting your friends and/or resident canine to howl with you at the lunar disk.

The annual Harvest Moon, so named in the Old Farmer's Almanac is closest to the autumnal equinox, which takes place on September 23.

The name "harvest moon" is an old European term for a full moon that rises closest to the beginning of fall or autumn, according to NASA. The last one was in January 2006 - 13 years ago. It may nearly seem as if there are full Moons multiple nights in a row.

The next time we'll have a moon approaching fullness on Friday the 13th (before achieving total illumination the next morning) will be in a little over 13 years, in May 2033. There will be two blue moons in a span of three months - a blue moon defined as the second full moon in a calendar month. They also rise 30 minutes later as opposed to the standard 50 minutes for regular moons. Any 13 on a Friday was considered unlucky.



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