Nintendo's 'Ring Fit Adventure' turns exercise into an adventure game

Nintendo's Ring Fit Adventure is like Wii Fit for the Switch

Ring Fit Adventure comes out on October 18 and will require a Nintendo Switch console, although it appears it will not work with the Joy-Con-less Nintendo Switch Lite. Last week's teaser looked similar to something you'd see in the Wii era, a new sort of Wii Fit successor would have been a safe guess of sorts. The Leg Strap is attached to the player's upper left leg, while the Ring-Con is held in both hands.

Ring Fit Adventure turns a typical adventure game on its head as players squat, press and flex their way through challenges designed for a wide range of body types and levels of fitness experience.

The game takes players an "expansive world" with enemies to battle through real-world physical exercise.

Engage those abs to block attacks in Ring Fit Adventure. Moving, attacking, and more is accomplished by moving the new Ring-Con and Leg Strap.

With monsters fitting in your pocket, you can now bring the horror with you! When you encounter enemies, you'll do battle by performing color-coded exercises.

When you're not breaking open crates, hoovering up coins and hovering over gaps by squeezing and pulling the Fit-Con, you'll need to raise those knees to wade through water and climb steep sets of stairs.

The stages we played were all fairly short - clocking in between 5-7 minutes each - but the intensity is high because you're always on the move. With additional mini-games and workout routines, Ring Fit Adventure is a fun experience for players of various skill levels and lifestyles. The two are required to play Ring Fit Adventure, a new game Nintendo also announced today.

If you've ever enjoyed competing against friends for leaderboard supremacy with the Fitbit, then Ring Fit Adventure's competitive modes provide a little extra motivation.

Throughout the years, various companies have made attempts at turning exercise into games, with one of the most notable examples being Nintendo's Wii Fit.



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