Justin Trudeau calls Canadian general election for 21 October

NDP Leader Jagmeet Singh responds to a question during a campaign stop in Toronto Friday

This election, he said, was a choice between "the failed (austerity) policies" of his Tory predecessor or "continuing to move forward" with his team.

Also on the watchlist today: The Federation of Canadian Municipalities releases its election recommendations, which, as per the advisory, offers "a call to improve Canadians' quality of life by empowering the local governments closest to their daily challenges".

Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau has formally launched a six-week campaign for re-election in which he and his rivals will crisscross the country to try to win over voters.

With the election called on September 11, all federal parties are getting their campaigns into full swing.

Why has an election been called?

Commentators suggested that the accident was allegorical of Trudeau's rough campaign start, in which he faced renewed criticism over his alleged meddling in the prosecution of a corporate crime.

The 47-year-old has kept a number of his election promises, such as legalising recreational cannabis.

Scheer kicked off his campaign energized by the rekindled SNC saga, a central element of the party's preferred narrative: that ethics scandals have robbed Trudeau of the moral authority to govern.

Singh said he's disappointed Trudeau has made a decision to skip the event, as Canadians expect him to show up and defend his record.

Who are Mr Trudeau's competitors?

Singh will be on stage Thursday night at the Macleans/CityTV debate in Toronto alongside Conservative Leader Andrew Scheer and Green Leader Elizabeth May. On Wednesday, he promised "a more ambitious climate plan", while Scheer has vowed to roll back a federal carbon levy as his first act in office, if elected.

Trudeau had already left the airport.

"We have been telling Canadians and showing Canadians how Justin Trudeau has consistently misled them - he has lied", Scheer said.

In 2015, Trudeau came across as optimistic, trustworthy, transparent and hopeful, a new face who would change politics and take it out of the sullen, accusatory rut it was in.

Under the NDP's late former leader Jack Layton, the party secured the main opposition spot in Canada's parliament in 2011 thanks in large part to the support it garnered in Quebec.

Canadian polls indicate the two candidates are both on just over 30 percent, with the NDP polling in third place - with a slight lead over the Green Party.

Some other examples from past years include former prime minister Stephen Harper approving confidence waivers for the RCMP investigation into the Senate spending scandal.

According to a recent Bloomberg analysis, the Liberals are projected to lose seats in the House of Commons.



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