US bars undocumented Hurricane Dorian survivors from entering country

Royal Caribbean CEO visits hurricane relief effort in The Bahamas

USAID Administrator Mark Green told reporters Sunday his agency is leading humanitarian relief efforts of the United States government in the Bahamas by providing "lifesaving and life-sustaining assistance: food, water, sanitation, emergency shelter and medical care needed to facilitate the Bahamian government's response". Lauderdale, Florida, purportedly because they did not have USA visas. Then, an announcement blared from the boat's intercom speakers.

But before the ship departed a loudspeaker announcement called for "any person that doesn't have a U.S. visa please proceed to disembark", leaving passengers frustrated and confused. "It's hurting because [I'm] watching my daughters cry".

Some Bahamians have been trying to get into the USA, and a few days ago, several of them were ordered off a cruise vessel heading to Florida, because they did not have United States visas.

"I think this is bad".

Stephen Silvestri, acting port director for the CBP at Port Everglades, noted that the evacuees were ordered off the boat by the ferry operator and not by any United States government entity. "They were not ordered off the boat by any USA government entity". Entin reported that crew members on the Sunday ferry were told that the same rules were in effect before being rebuffed by CBP. None were required to show visas when they disembarked in Florida. On Wednesday, Sens. Marco Rubio, R, and Sen. Eighteen other Florida lawmakers made a similar appeal.

Evacuees, rescue workers and officials widely expect the number to climb higher as more bodies are pulled from the rubble of a demolished neighborhood in Marsh Harbour in Abaco. "My heart goes out to everyone who is suffering and to those who have loved ones".

Spokesperson Carl Smith said Hurricane Dorian survivors seeking to travel to the U.S. or Canada from the impacted islands would need to have all the usual and standard documentation to gain entry. "This needs to happen now".

Haitians who have arrived in Nassau have accused the government of prioritizing native-born Bahamians for evacuation from Marsh Harbour over Haitian nationals. Hundreds more had grown exhausted of waiting and made their way to the island's main port. U.S. Coast Guard members - who are assigned to the Homeland Security Department - had been credited with rescuing some 300 during operations in the Bahamas in the last week, the service said.

Royal Caribbean CEO visits hurricane relief effort in The Bahamas
Bahamas hurricane survivors kicked off ferry over U.S. visa demands

Trump, talking to reporters at the White House, said, however, that the United States must make sure immigrants from the Bahamas are properly documented. "No visa document requirements have changed".

Prakash said Sunrise and allies are planning to rally outside Customs and Border Protection (CBP) offices in Washington, D.C. on Wednesday to demand that the Trump administration "stop turning away people fleeing destruction". Many people continued to wait outside.

"You had to leave, " said Andrews, who will drop off her children with relatives and return to help rebuild her water-damaged home with her husband, who remained in Freeport.

"This is awful", one woman who stayed on the ferry told WSVN as the ferry left the harbor.

"We take pride in our Burnaby firefighters", said Burnaby Deputy Fire Chief Dave Samson.

The prime minister called the loss of life "catastrophic and devastating", and Health Minister Duane Sands said the final death toll "will be staggering".

In that statement, CBP emphasized that Grand Celebration worked with officials in both nations before the voyage. Security forces from Jamaica, the United Kingdom and the USA are also helping with search-and-rescue missions, officials said, according to ABC News. "In fact, the majority of people have actually had some form of (a) travel document", Morgan said. A Bahamian immigration policy requiring that all residents carry passports has led to increased raids of shanty towns and other areas with large undocumented populations. What did we send them back to? Roads have been severely damaged, with little electricity, water and sanitation to speak of.



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