India's moon mission locates landing craft, no communication yet

Pakistani astronaut hails India on Chandrayaan-2 mission

But news agency Press Trust of India had yesterday quoted a scientist at the space agency to say that the lander was in one piece but was lying in a tilted position.

"#VikramLander has been located by the orbiter of #Chandrayaan2, but no communication with it yet", the Indian Space Research Organisation (ISRO) tweeted.

Earlier on Sunday, ISRO chief K Sivan had announced that the lunar lander of Chandrayaan 2 had been located on the moon's surface and that the ground station was working to establish contact. The mission life of the lander and rover is one lunar day, which is equal to 14 earth days. We do not know what is the condition inside the lander, but we know that ISRO scientists are making every bid to establish contact with it.

The Vikram lander was scheduled to touch down on September 7 at 1:53 AM, near the southern polar region of the Moon.

The prayers included "abishekam" (celestial bath), which was performed with several items, including honey and sandal paste and followed by a community feast (Annadhanam), a temple official said on Tuesday.

"It has probably hard-landed on Lunar surface as per the thermal images sent by the on-board camera of Chandrayaan's orbiter", ISRO Official said.

Vikram, which encases rover "Pragyan", went incommunicado when it was just 2.1km away from the lunar surface.

Chandrayaan-2 was meant to be a multi-part mission, and a follow-up to India's first lunar mission, Chandrayaan-1. Pictures of the lander was captured by Chandrayaan-2 orbiter which is orbiting the Moon.

In 2014, it became only the fourth nation to put a satellite into orbit around the Red Planet, and in 2017 India's space agency launched 104 satellites in a single mission.

The lander Vikram carrying the rover Pragyan separated from Chandrayaan-2 spacecraft on September 2, in its journey towards the moon.



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