UK's Johnson calls vote on holding early elections after Brexit defeat

National UK's Johnson suffers defeat in Parliament over Brexit The Associated Press 3:50 PM, Sep

"He's basically appealing to one half of the electorate, i.e. those who voted leave and almost all of whom would still vote to leave", says Professor John Curtice of Strathclyde University, one of the U.K.'s most respected polling experts.

MPs have rejected an early general election as Boris Johnson suffered two defeats in a day.

Members of the UK's House of Lords arrived at Parliament Wednesday with sleeping bags as they prepared for a marathon session to debate a bill that would stop Prime Minister Boris Johnson from leaving the European Union without a divorce deal, according to reports.

Anti-Brexit protesters march outside the Houses of Parliament in central London on September 3, 2019. Johnson would have needed 434 votes to succeed in his bid to dissolve parliament.

Johnson condemned the opposition legislation as a "surrender bill" that would tie his hands and "wreck any chance" of Britain concluding successful negotiations with the EU.

Nicholas Soames, the grandson of wartime prime minister Winston Churchill, was unceremoniously axed from the Conservative Party after decades as an MP.

"I am truly very sad that it should end in this way", he said. "His demands are unreal and I can not condone 'no deal'".

But he re-entered government during the summer, after Conservative Party members elected his brother as leader.

Johnson insisted Wednesday that talks with the European Union on a revised deal were "making substantial progress".

"So we're not going to be voting with Johnson today".

The peers sat until 01.30 (local time), holding a series of amendment votes that appeared to support predictions a marathon filibuster session - created to derail the bill - was under way. "They want the referendum respected". He could bring an early election back to the Commons next week using a bill to repeal the Fixed Term Parliament Act, and win it on a simple majority, if the SNP voted with him, which they might.

An election seems the likeliest outcome.

In a breach of parliamentary decorum, the swearword echoed through the hallowed chamber of the House of Commons on Wednesday during its famous weekly Prime Minister's Questions (PMQs).

The maneuvers are part of a head-on showdown between Johnson's Brexit-at-all-costs administration and a Parliament anxious about the economic and social damage that could be wrought by a messy divorce. Critics of a no-deal Brexit have long warned that it would have a disastrous impact on the British economy.

However, the party is expected to abstain amid fears Johnson might reschedule the poll until after October 31 to make sure that Britain leaves the bloc, with or without a deal. He promised not to call a general election. Labour Party leader Jeremy Corbyn has repeatedly called for a general election.

Events have spiraled out of Johnson's control.

The EU plans on using the European Solidarity Fund, which is normally used to help victims of natural disasters, as well as the European Globalization Adjustment Fund to help workers who may be dismissed if the United Kingdom crashes out without a deal, according to documents seen by Reuters news agency.



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