Monster Storm Dorian Slows to a Crawl Over the Bahamas

Airbnb offering free housing to Hurricane Dorian evacuees as monster storm targets U.S. coast

The Category 5 Hurricane Dorian first hit the Bahamas on Sunday and is en-route to the United States.

Hurricane Dorian, the most powerful hurricane to hit the Bahamas in recorded history, has slowed to a crawl and is pounding the island of Grand Bahama with catastrophic winds and torrential rainfall. She says she lost power and had a little water come into her home, but everyone is OK.

Earlier in the day storm surge was predicted to be as high as 23 feet above normal tide levels.

"We see nothing but bad rain, a lot of lightning, very turbulent seas down below us, and then when we break through the eyewall we get into that place where it's just lovely blue sky", Parrish said. There are reports of utter devastation in the Abaco Islands, but sea and air conditions are preventing help from reaching them.

The US National Hurricane Center issued a hurricane watch for Florida's East Coast from Deerfield Beach north to the Georgia state line.

Forecasters are not sure if the core of the powerful system will ever strike the U.S. It is predicted to stay offshore as it spins north, paralleling the coasts of Florida, Georgia, South Carolina and North Carolina.

The damage wrought upon Grand Bahama and neighboring Abaco by the "monster storm" is likely to run into "hundreds of millions if not billions", the Nassau Guardian newspaper cited Deputy Prime Minister Peter Turnquest as saying. Video revealed a huge bank of white clouds inside the Category 5 hurricane. Capsized boats floated in muddy brown water dotted with wood boards, tree branches and different particles. One woman filmed water lapping at the stairs of her home's second floor. "My best friend's husband is stuck in the roof of their house with 7 ft water below".

"We made it there during the eye", he said in video which showed storm damage on Sunday. "Our garage door has already come off". "It's not rebuilding something that was there; we have to start again".

According to local media, a seven-year-old boy died on the Abaco Islands. "Continue to pray for us".

"The reports out of Abaco as everyone knows", spokesman Quincy Parker said, pausing for a deep sigh, "were not good".

She said many people donated crates for the scared and sick dogs.

It was grinding its manner westward at a pace of 1 mile per hour (2 kph), whipping the Caribbean island with sustained winds of 240 kph (150 mph).

As Hurricane Dorian almost stalled over the Bahamas Monday, Florida officials nervously eyed a projected turn north that could still drench the densely populated east coast with storm surge and rainfall and knock out power depending on how closely it skirts the shore.

The South Carolina evacuation order covers approximately 830,000 people living in eight coastal countries.

"We can't make everybody happy", Mr McMaster said.

South Carolina Governor Henry McMaster ordered a mandatory evacuation of the entire coast of the state amid Dorian's threat. "Mandatory evacuations have been ordered for mobile homes and beach side communities along Florida's Atlantic Coast". North Carolina Governor Roy Cooper warned his state that it could see heavy rain, winds and floods later in the week.

Disney posted adjusted hours in Orlando as the storm approaches.

Klotzbach said he thinks the U.S. East Coast will get "scraped", but Dorian will stay just offshore, something Maue agrees with. "Near the coast, the surge will be accompanied by large and destructive waves".

'Our thoughts are with the people in areas of The Bahamas that are being impacted by this storm and we stand ready to contribute to recovery efforts.

A National Guard official, John Anderson, said many people were complying with the evacuation orders.



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