May cost $9.99 per month, launch expected in November

Apple will introduce a small selection of shows and then expand its catalogue more frequently over several months

Apple is reportedly mulling over a steep $9.99 monthly subscription rate for its upcoming streaming service, Apple TV+. Apple TV+ will start with a small selection of shows and potentially a free trial for users before the company expands its content over several months. It's still on the higher side compared to Netflix and Amazon Prime's lower tiers of $8.99, and Disney+'s $6.99 a month.

Apple TV Plus is apparently going to cost $9.99 per month, substantially undercutting Netflix and priced at just $3 more per month than Disney+.

Analysts have suggested Apple TV+ could top 100 million subscribers in the next half-decade, which would make it a major challenger to Netflix and Amazon. Apple had announced 14 shows during the Apple TV+ unveil; it will launch some of them on day one, and add more shows from that roster later. This would put Apple TV+ in direct competition with the highly anticipated launch of Disney+, which premieres in the same month.

The company has announced plans to launch a new game subscription service called Apple Arcade internationally later this year. They project to reach $50 billion in streaming services revenue by 2020. Another report this week, this time by Financial Times, claimed that Apple is spending $6 billion on original shows and movies this year.

Apple TV Plus will feature new productions from acclaimed director Steven Spielberg, beloved TV personality Oprah Winfrey, and the first show stars a trio of megastars: Reese Witherspoon, Steve Carell, and Jennifer Aniston. In the interim, a number of notable Apple TV Plus tidbits managed to leak out over the past few days.

Having said that, Apple isn't likely to be the only player in the content streaming space to restrict downloads.

According to the Bloomberg report, the tech giant is spending about $300 million on the first two seasons of "The Morning Show" alone.

How to apply and how it works As Apple launches into the world of banking, ZDNet's Beth Mauder breaks down how users can apply for an Apple Card and then how to use it once accepted.



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