Facial Recognition, Is it worth our Recognition?


Technology evolves each and every single day. That means that with each passing day, we have something new to look forward to. That being said, one of the topics that have been trending in the technological news is that of facial recognition. And like any fresh new tech, people are wondering if it is worth their time off if they should stick to the good old fingerprint and other security features.

Why Facial Recognition?

We already have so many ways to verify if we are the right users of certain gadgets (including casino apps click here now ), therefore, why use facial recognition? Well, that is because facial recognition continues to be the preferred biometric benchmark. The main reason for this is that it is easy to deploy and implement. And to add on to that, there is no need for physical action needed by the end-user. Lastly using facial recognition has proven to be very fast.

How Facial Recognition Works

As one can already tell by the name, that facial recognition is the process of identifying a person using their face. What is does is a capture, analyze and compare patterns based on the persons' facial details.  Allow us to illustrate.

-          The face detection process is a critical step as it detects and finds human faces in images as well as videos.

-          Face Capture is the process that transforms analogue information, which in this case is the face. It will transform into a set of digital data based on a person’s features.

-          Face Match this is the last initial step that will verify if the two faces belong to the same person.

That being said, the question is if you want to trust the facial recognition technology or not. But since you can trust other verification steps, perhaps you can trust this one as well. Just imagine how cool it would be if all you need to log into your online casinos new zealand account securely with just your face. Playing from a trusted casino site gives you a peace of mind knowing that your money is safe.




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