Teen finds way around parents' tech confiscation: Tweeting from the smart fridge

Teen's tweets from her smart fridge go viral after mother confiscates phone

Not to be outdone, Dorothy later tweeted from her Nintendo Wii U, a video game console that has always been discontinued, and she looked for her smartphone when her mom was away at work a few days later.

With many Twitter users wondering if it is possible to Tweet off those particular electronic devices. Each of the tweets on the game devices included automatic hashtags from the applications they were sent from.

Why did Dorothy get grounded and is she still grounded?

At the bottom, next to the date and time, there is a link naming the device and app she tweeted from: Nintendo 3DS Image Share.

They can take our phones but they will never take our ability to tweet.

It clearly was not - Dorothy told NY Mag her mother "isn't good with tech" and couldn't figure out how to delete the account.

No word if she's been caught (again) yet. Still without her electronics, the teen resorted to tweeting from her smart fridge. In response to the Guardian asking how long she'd be grounded for, Dorothy said: "I may be late to reply, as it is hard to find something to use Twitter".

A resourceful teenager claims she used her family's smart fridge to tweet after her mother confiscated her phone.

This last one really set people off, with hundreds of people replying with delighted reactions, laughing and praising her 'dedication'.

Dorothy managed to speak briefly to New York Magazine over DM, telling the outlet that her phone was taken away after she 'was boiling rice and was too busy on phone and stove burst into flames'.

'I don't know how I got this much support thank you so much to my supporters and @twitter this is insane I would be lost without you and given up.

Just when you'd think there was nothing else for Dorothy to use, she discovered she could Tweet from the LG smart fridge in the kitchen.

Both Twitter and LG tweeted their support, jumping on the #FreeDorothy hashtag.

She conducted the CBS interview with an iPod, and she doesn't know when she will get her phone back. "I felt mortified! I was anxious because I've been bored all summer and Twitter passes the time for me". But she tried to explain the story as best as she could.



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