UN Issues Report and Warning on Global Land Use

Adopt a green diet and help save Earth: UN body report | India News

The IPCC also notes that climate change, including increases in frequency and intensity of extremes, has adversely affected food security and terrestrial ecosystems, as well as contributed to desertification and land degradation in many regions.

"It's all very well for those recommending a switch to eating more plant-based foods, but if those diets include foods like palm oil, genetically modified soy, almond milk or avocados, for example, all of which are from production systems that are causing damage to the environment, they will do nothing to tackle climate change". The report will demonstrate how human activity has resulted in significant land degradation, deforestation, the endangering of animals by the destruction of natural habitats, as well as food and water insecurity.

In a special report, the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC) said that keeping global warming to well below 2 degrees Celsius (3.6F), as governments agreed in 2015, could be achieved only by reducing greenhouse gas emissions from all sectors, including land and food.

We need to see an urgent transformation in our land use.

Demand for such products also increases trade and related food waste because of bad storage and handling. Lowering the amount of meat people eat would also decrease emissions from livestock and the amount of fertilizer raising them requires. The report also suggests a number of land management options and a wide range of adaptation and mitigation responses that contribute to sustainable future development. In addition, from 25 percent to 30 percent of all the food produced in the world is lost or wasted, according to the report. "We have to urgently roll out sustainable farming practices, many of which can be profitable in three to five years".

This is increasingly important as rising temperatures and climate change continue to impact fertile soil, heightening the risks facing global food security. Climate change will worsen the impact of soil loss, the report said. Farmers in these places will have to adapt to more intense weather patterns, droughts and floods, as well as their land decreasing in yield.

Last year, the same body issued the alarming finding that we have roughly a dozen years left before the world misses its window for averting runaway global warming. "We have social security systems so relatively few people starve here", he said.

It is insane that malnourishment is a problem even for over-consumers in rich countries, often through lack of fruit and vegetables and over-consumption of meat, while people in poor countries continue to suffer from a lack of available food.

Marta Rivera-Ferre, one of the report's lead authors and a food systems researcher at the University of Vic - Central University of Catalonia in Spain, told SciDev.Net: "Women, even though in developing countries they have a big role in farming, have less access to land and less decision-making power. Climate change is a global problem with local solutions of which agriculture plays a key part." .



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