Google teases more Pixel 4 features ahead of its launch once again

Google Just Spilled Some More Details on the Pixel 4

After already "leaking" images of the phone, Google today released a blog post and a video (below) detailing a few of the features buyers of the Pixel 4 can expect, including face unlock and Motion Sense.

"Motion Sense features to allow you to skip songs, snooze alarms, and silence phone calls, just by waving your hand". Leaks have suggested that the Pixel 4 may not have a fingerprint reader, and now we know that Google is opting to use face unlock instead. "Your device should be able to recognize you-and only you-without any fuss".

With the Pixel 4, Google is taking Face Unlock to the next level by making it way faster and secure than current front camera-based implementations.

We're still a good couple of months before an expected launch date for Google's next Pixel phones, the Pixel 4 and Pixel 4 XL, and yet there's talk about some of the features. Unlike the iPhone X's FaceID feature, there's no additional swipe up step required and Google claims that you can unlock using your face in any direction, even upside down.

For your information, both Motion Sense and Face Unlock will be available to users for the first time in Pixel devices.

Remember ATAP? Google's Advanced Technology and Projects team, once famously worked on the modular phone Project Ara, which never saw daylight.

As for Face Unlock, the feature also uses Soli to turn on the face unlock sensors. The latest teaser comes in the form of a YouTube video (below) and blog post (source link) which basically confirms that the Pixel 4 phones will not have a fingerprint scanner.

Like Face ID, Google's facial recognition system features a dot projector and a flood illuminator, along with dual infrared cameras for face unlocking. Powered by the new Soli chip, the Pixel 4 device will automatically unlock the device as soon as you reach for it. If all goes well, your phone will unlock the moment you pick it up - you don't have to raise it or tap the screen like you might on, say, an iPhone.

One caveat of all this is that it might be the case that not all Pixel 4 phones are created equal. Also, we now have a new PR strategy from Google related to its Pixel products which is likely to create some buzz around its products before launch.

Google confirmed the next device for its Pixel series in June, and a major update has emerged. Just like last year's Pixel phones, there is Titan M security chip, so the Face Data is stored securely there & it is not shared to any Google service. Pixel 4 will likewise accompany Face Unlock, an officially normal element on phones however Google says its technology has been "engineered" differently.



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