Man finds dead baby in late mother's freezer

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A St. Louis man cleaning out his dead mom's freezer assumed he was opening up a decades-old wedding cake - but it turned out to be a dead baby, according to a report.

"The head homicide guy was stumped", Smith told KMOV. He said his mother had always been "secretive about things", and while he had asked her about the box, she made it clear that was a "no-no conversation".

Adam Smith had been living in his family's St. Louis apartment while taking care of his mother, who recently died of cancer.

He said his mother had kept the box, wrapped up tight, in their freezer for decades and always told him to stay away from it. "And that's when I found a frozen baby in there".

"It turns out it was a baby", Smith said.


"I just freaked out".

'He told me my mom was pregnant on their first date and that the next time he saw her, she wasn't, ' Smith told the Post-Dispatch.

Police were called to the building early Sunday morning.

He told KTVI he's distraught over the possibility of what his mother may have done and has so many questions.

'Even as she was on her deathbed, she never told me what was in that box. "That's what makes me think maybe she did something to this baby and didn't want to tell anyone because she was afraid she would get in trouble".

Smith said his mother once told him she lost a child at birth. I have to wait for the autopsy to see if that baby ever took a breath and I cannot help it to think she might have done something to it.

Dorsie Tyson, Smith's neighbor, was shocked to hear about the discovery. It just dawned on him that for his "whole life" he had eaten food from a freezer that possibly stored his "frozen sister".

'Who absolutely keeps their own child in a box for this long and never talks about it?' he said to the network.

Mr Smith said the baby had been wrapped in a pink fleece, and that he believed it may have been his older sister, who he was told had died several years before he was born. "I just have so many thoughts".



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