Sajid Javid Appointed Chancellor Of UK

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The new Lib Dem chief, Jo Swinson, acknowledged she would welcome a defective-occasion push to search out a solution on social care, but attacked Mr Johnson's "bluster and bravado" over Brexit.

He earlier said "no ifs, no buts" the country will leave the bloc on October 31.

This prompted a nod of the head from Mr Javid and Mr Johnson went on to say his Cabinet are "now committed, all of us, to leaving the European Union on October 31 or indeed earlier - no ifs, no buts".

The former Brexit Secretary, who ran for the Tory leadership, said he is "hugely humbled" to be be given the joint role of heading the Foreign Office and First Secretary of State. The move to drop Hunt, Mordaunt and trade secretary Liam Fox has evoked resentment among anti-Brexit law makers.

He had served briefly as Brexit secretary previous year, but he chose to quit owing to differences with May.

He replaces Philip Hammond, who quit hours earlier after repeatedly condemning Johnson's "no deal" threats and warning of the dire economic consequences if they are enacted.

Michael Gove, who was seen to have betrayed Johnson in the aftermath of the 2016 Brexit referendum, was removed from the Environment Ministry to be appointed Chancellor of the Duchy of Lancaster - which is the private estate of the royal family - or effectively minister without portfolio.

The new Cabinet also looked like a group assembled to combat the electoral threat from Nigel Farage, the leader of the Brexit Party, which advocates a total break from the EU.

Javid's appointment is in keeping with Johnson's promise to create a diverse cabinet of modern and energetic leaders.

Javid's background as the son of Pakistani immigrants sets him apart from numerous other Conservative contenders.

Dominic Raab and Priti Patel return to government as foreign secretary and home secretary respectively.

Some lawmakers who have been less enthusiastic about Brexit survived, including Amber Rudd, the work and pensions secretary.

Former chief whip and Defence Secretary Gavin Williamson, until he was sacked by Theresa May, is back in cabinet as Education Secretary.

Damian Hinds the former Education Secretary.

But Brexit supporters are in the driving seat.

Michael Gove, who ran the 2016 campaign to leave the European Union alongside Johnson before the pair fell out, was named Chancellor of the Duchy of Lancaster, a powerful cabinet post with no specific portfolio.

Jacob Rees-Mogg is making his first appearance in the House of Commons as the leader of the House at Business Questions.

The new Downing Street team confirmed a series of changes at key departments for the green economy, although there was also some continuity with a number of Ministers from the May administration remaining in post.

Most notably David Mundell, who had been Secretary of State for Scotland since 2010, has been succeeded by Alister Jack, the current MP for Dumfries and Galloway, who was first elected as an MP in 2017. Despite their differing approaches to Brexit, Hancock endorsed Johnson after quitting the leadership race, saying he was the best candidate to unite Britain.

That has increased speculation about a general election, possibly as soon as the fall.

His first appointment was Dominic Cummings, a highly effective but combative back-room operator who was Vote Leave's campaign director and is now a top adviser. "He's the kind of bloke you'd want to hire as your accountant", said one veteran Conservative and Brexit supporter on condition of anonymity.



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