Google highlights Android TV on JBL Link Bar

Google Welcomes Android TV to Soundbars

JBL and Google have been collaborating on a soundbar that is powered by Android TV and has Google Assistant integration, and the anticipated speaker is now available to purchase.

A Harman news release does mention 2 other features worth pointing out: Just like other Android TV devices, the Link Bar will have Chromecast built-in, making it possible to beam videos to the TV from your phone. A Chromecast Ultra costs $70, and you're looking at about the same for an Android TV box that transforms your dumb TV into a smart TV.

According to Engadget, pre-orders started nearly a year ago too - but now the Link Bar can finally be purchased from the JBL website and approved retailers for $399.95 / £349.99.

Look out for a review of the JBL Link Bar in the near future. Android TV will provide more range of entertainment options ranging from 500,000+ shows, movies, live sports, news and music that can be found across 5000+ apps and games.

If a speaker with microphones gives you the heebie-jeebies, JBL notes that there is a "PrivacySwitch" feature that mutes the mics when not using the Google Assistant.

With the first Android TV sound bar now out, you can expect more vendors to launch theirs soon. Eventually leading to the point where it had become uncertain if the product was ever going to make it to market at all. The release was not announced by either Google or Harman/JBL until yesterday.

The Hyperlink Bar sells for $399.95, and an elective subwoofer prices one other $299.95. It connects to your TV through a single cable to offer the Android TV experience you might get from a box, just like the SHIELD TV. Google's announcement today about the JBL Link Bar is more of a generic "Android TV is available on soundbars" announcement than anything.



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