Taylor Swift Shares Personal Diary Pages & Drops New Song

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Taylor Swift is in the midst of the rollout for her new album, Lover, which comes out on 8/23. Each deluxe edition will feature one of four unique books, along with two audio tracks of Swift creating two of the songs from the album.

Turning her vulnerability into art shows incredible strength from Taylor, who has been the subject of much backlash and hate during her career, but that has never once slowed the singer's growth into one of the biggest stars to ever enter the music industry. (Most Swifties know that Taylor always places her most heartfelt songs in the 5th slot on her albums.) Since the songstress has been in a serious relationship with her actor hunny-most people immediately. She has already shared official radio singles "ME!" and the aforementioned "You Need To Calm Down".

You can listen to the song (above)! In it, Hayley Kiyoko shoots an arrow at a target with the number 5 on it, and "The Archer" is, in fact, the fifth track on her upcoming seventh album, Lover.

The fifth track has historically been a standout on Taylor Swift's albums.

In the early part of the song, Swift declares that she's ready for battle, ready to fight for a relationship.

Some are saying Swift is referencing Archer, a dive bar on London's East Side. I've been writing in diaries since I was 13 years old.

T.Swift also announced during her Instagram Live on Tuesday that she will be including 120 pages of her diaries in the deluxe edition of her Lover album. Similarly, "The Archer' includes lyrics like: "All the king's horses, all the king's men / Couldn't put me together again." ".

Prior to her reveal on Tuesday, it was announced that Swift earned 10 nominations for this year's 2019 MTV Video Music Awards!

Lover drops on August 23.



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