Taiwan blames China after being stripped of skating event

The first white paper since 2012 gives rare insight into the world's largest army and Beijing's military ambitions

A white paper titled "China's National Defence in the New Era", released by the Chinese Defence Ministry in Beijing touched upon various aspects of its military development comparing with India, U.S., Russian Federation and other countries.

The U.S. has repeatedly raised Beijing's ire by selling arms to Taiwan. The U.S. has accused China of militarizing the disputed waterway by deploying forces on reclaimed reefs while Beijing describes increased American naval patrols as destabilizing.

China's new Defence White Paper has outlined a requirement for the accelerated development of indigenous military technologies in order to keep pace with some of the world's leading armed forces.

The Pentagon said this month the U.S. State Department had approved sales of weapons requested by Taiwan, including tanks and Stinger missiles estimated to be worth $2.2 billion.

China has never accepted Taiwan's claims for independence and argues that the island is a breakaway province.

The goal of China's military buildup is to "impose its will" across northeast Asia, senior DIA officials said at the time, stressing that Washington's biggest concerns stem from the possibility that Chinese officials might suddenly embrace a strategy of using military force to achieve their goal of containing Taiwan.

The US erodes global security and seeks "absolute superiority", but Beijing won't follow the "beaten track" of big powers in seeking hegemony, focusing instead on having a "world-class" army, says a new Chinese military document.

"It has provoked and intensified competition among countries, significantly increased its defence expenditure ... and undermined global strategic stability".

As the only major country yet to be completely reunified, and one of the countries with the most complex peripheral security environment, China faces serious challenges in safeguarding national sovereignty, territorial integrity, and maritime rights and interests, the white paper said.

The document separately listed Tibet and the far western Chinese region of Xinjiang as top national defense priorities.

The document is China's first comprehensive national defence white paper published since the 18th National Party Congress in 2012, an official spokesman said.

It has also accused the USA of undermining global stability.

Washington has no formal ties with democratic Taiwan, but is bound by law to help provide it with the means to defend itself. They say members of their predominantly Muslim ethnic groups have been arbitrarily detained and subject to political indoctrination.

Beijing blamed the U.S. for having "provoked and intensified competition among major powers" by seeking to expand its capabilities in nuclear, cyber, missile defence and other areas, which it said had destabilised the world.

China has long called the Dalai Lama a unsafe separatist.

Observers said China's evolving military posture reflected growing rivalry with the USA, which under the Trump administration has labelled China as a strategic competitor and revisionist power, and which has openly criticised Beijing's policies in Tibet and Xinjiang. But the exiled Tibetan Buddhist spiritual leader maintains that he only wants a greater degree of autonomy for the region.



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