Tens of thousands of Puerto Ricans demand governor resign

Puerto Rico governor says will not seek re-election but refuses to resign over chats

Some protesters spent the night at a baseball stadium in the capital of San Juan and were joined at daylight by a crowd that grew through the morning, fueled by anger that Gov. Ricardo Rossello has defiantly refused to step down.

Many Puerto Ricans have been calling for Rosselló's resignation after leaked online chats showed him insulting women and political opponents as well as mocking victims of Hurricane Maria, one of the most devastating natural disasters to hit the island territory.

Trump later claimed to be "the best thing that ever happened to Puerto Rico", citing a number of weird reasons while trying to justify the statement.

In another, a mocking comment is made about bodies piled up in the morgue after Hurricane Maria, which left almost 3,000 dead.

Puerto Rico's governor said on Sunday he would not seek re-election next year and would step down as head of his party following nine days of sometimes violent protests demanding his resignation over vulgar chat messages.

"Puerto Rico has been taken care of better by Donald Trump than by any living human being, and I think the people of Puerto Rico understand it", he said in March.

"I have listened, and I am listening to you today", Rossello said in a video posted on Facebook. This is a protester in San Juan speaking Sunday. Those arrested included the former education secretary. "I have many Puerto Rican friends". And once we get this governor out, we must continue the fight, because we still have to deal with the fiscal control board, the austerity policies, all the measures they want to impose on us to deal with this untenable debt.

Jannice Rivera, a 43-year-old mechanical engineer who lives in Houston but was born and raised in Puerto Rico and flew in exclusively to join the protest, said: "This is just the beginning".

"I have to respect the constitutional order and welcome the process started by the legislative assembly, which I will confront with all truth and force in a responsible way", Rossello said in the video.

The governor, however, is refusing to resign.

The group brought Puerto Rican flags, signs and megaphones on the eve of a planned massive protest on the island.



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