Jo Swinson's election as Lib Der leader welcomed by Board

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New Liberal Democrat leader Jo Swinson has ruled out a coalition with the Tories under Boris Johnson and said she would not grant the power to hold a second Scottish independence referendum.

The new Lib Dem leader served as a minister in the Tory-Lib Dem coalition government and supported the austerity agenda throughout that parliament.

"I was down at the Donald Trump protest last week and several people came up to me and said they had joined the Lib Dems as a result of seeing me on Question Time", she told Business Insider.

"We are sure this will continue under Ms Swinson's leadership". She won 47,900 votes, against the 28,021 gained by Davey.

She pledged to do "whatever it takes to stop Brexit" and promised to lead not only the party but also the "bigger, open liberal movement our country so desperately needs".

But Darren didn't stop there as while he explained that as he shifted his support to the pro-Remain party, he found himself in a unusual alignment with a political figure he once voted in protest against. In the face of nationalism, populism, the catastrophe of Brexit, the two old parties have failed.

When Swinson was first elected in 2015 she was regarded as the "baby of the house" as the youngest sitting MP. Speaking in June, Swinson told the Andrew Marr Show that she believed "in 2010, with the financial crisis that was unfolding, we did need to make cuts", but said that the Bedroom Tax was a mistake.

The Liberal Democrats have campaigned for a second referendum on Brexit ever since the first in 2016, arguing that voters should have a say on whatever deal the United Kingdom reaches with Brussels.

Britain's third political party, the minority Liberal Democrats announced the name of its new leader Monday.

Despite the Conservatives commanding a razor-thin majority in parliament, Johnson says he intends to take Britain out of the European Union on October 31, with or without a divorce deal.

"We believe the UK's best future is as members of the European Union..."

"Twitter trolls, fake news, demonising journalists - we saw it in Scotland first", Swinson said.

"I will do whatever it takes to stop Brexit".



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