Man escapes high-rise fire by climbing down ‘Spider-Man’ style

Man Unleashes His Inner Spider-Man By Climbing Down Apartment Building to Escape a Fire

A Philadelphia man scaled his 19-floor apartment building after a fire broke out, and the agile real-life "Spider-Man" managed to get himself to safety.

The fire started in a trash chute on the third floor sending smoke into the entire building and forcing residents to escape.

Meanwhile, firefighters took a water line to the building's fourth floor trash chute and flooded it. The police spokesperson says three officers were taken to local hospitals where they were treated for smoke inhalation and released.

During the fire, there were reports of people stuck in the building, which is at least 19 stories high.

Four residents and three police officers were injured, ABC Philadelphia station WPVI reported.

'We did make some forcible entry on some units.

Handhold by handhold, inch by inch, the man climbed down the exterior of the building as a helicopter spotlight lit the way.

Dramatic video of the person's escape circulated on social media Thursday night as users praised the audacity of the stunt, with a handful of admirers comparing the feat to a famous comic book character.

Fire crews are investigating the cause of the blaze, which began around 9:30 the 4400 block of Holden Street.



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