Instagram's warning to trolls: 'Your account may be deleted'

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They've also added the ability to appeal your already-disabled account through the company's Help Center, and plan to bring that ability into the app itself "in the next few months". In the past, it would remove accounts which accumulated a certain amount of violations.

Instagram is now changing its policies when it comes to disabling accounts, including notifying users who are at risk of having their account disabled.

An Instagram spokeswoman said it isn't sharing the exact number of violations or time frame because of concerns users will game the system. However, as The Verge reports, Instagram is also giving its moderators more freedom to delete accounts that break the rules repeatedly.

'This change will allow us to enforce our policies more consistently and hold people accountable for what they post on Instagram, ' said the company in a statement.

Whilst users from around the world are protesting against Instagram blocking their accounts for "no apparent reason" citing "policy violations", the photo-messaging platform has now chose to warn users when their account is going to being deleted.

At the same time, Instagram and parent company Facebook continue to face allegations that it's suppressing conservative voices.

The notice will list all the posts and comments that have been removed for violating the terns of service, and inform you that "If you post something that goes against our terms again, your account may be deleted, including your posts, archive, messages and followers". Users will be able to appeal if their content was taken down for violating Instagram's rules against nudity and pornography, bullying and harassment, hate speech, drug sales, and counter-terrorism.



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