Trump says North Korea leader "so happy" to see him

The U.S. is considering suspending some sanctions on North Korea for 12 to 18 months in exchange for a freeze on the country’s nuclear weapons program the Yonhap News Agency

North Korea's Hwasong-15 intercontinental ballistic missile is capable of hitting anywhere inside the continental United States in the event of war, US Forces Korea has confirmed in its 2019 Strategic Digest command publication.

North Korea hardly is desperate to negotiate an agreement with the United States ending or even merely limiting North Korea's nuclear-weapons program.

The two spoke for nearly an hour, and Trump became the first sitting president to enter North Korea when he briefly stepped across a military demarcation line that separates the two Koreas.

Chinese President Xi Jinping urged U.S. President Donald Trump last month to show flexibility in dealings with North Korea and ease sanctions on the country "in due course", China's Foreign Ministry said on Friday.

Trump was apparently referring to his latest meeting with Kim at the inter-Korean border on June 30, during which the young leader could be seen beaming.

"Misinterpreting North Korea's situation is unsafe", 38 North's analyst added.

North Korea will maintain its nuclear arsenal for the next two decades and the United States' insistence on its rapid disarmament is an "unrealistic goal", according to a report by the Federation of American Scientists presented in Seoul on Friday.

The two leaders promised to seek denuclearization in exchange for security and sanctions relief and made some good faith measures, but both sides expressed frustration with the slow pace of progress in the following months.

"(A) freeze, you know, that would never be the resolution of a process", spokesperson Ortagus told reporters.

North Korea's elections and subsequent parliamentary session following the February summit saw major government shuffles that, among other things, included a constitutional revision that meant Kim was not only "supreme leader" but, for the first time, "represents the nation".

Beforehand, North Korea's official head of state was the president of the titular parliament, often called the Presidium of the Supreme Folks's Meeting.

In return, North Korea could start shipping its main exports again, namely coal and textiles. It said the move reflects ongoing dialogue between North and South Korea and Pyongyang and Washington and emphasizes the North's willingness to open a peaceful future.

The source also stressed the United States sanctions relief could also be renewed if Pyongyang's denuclearization progress "moves at a good pace", but cautioned the re-imposition of curbs if N Korea doesn't stand by its commitments.

Ortagus denied the report, quoting top US negotiator on North Korea Stephen Biegun as calling it "completely false".



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