First S-400 Missile System Parts Land in Turkey, Russia Confirms

Turkey's President Recep Tayyip Erdogan addresses a meeting of the NATO's Mediterranean Dialogue in Ankara Turkey Monday

A second delivery by air will take place soon, Russia's TASS news agency quoted an unnamed military-diplomatic source as saying.

And a third delivery, which will include "120 anti-aircraft missiles of various types" will be delivered "tentatively at the end of the summer, by sea". The S-400 can engage targets at a distance of 400 km and at an altitude of up to 30 km.

Ankara signed a $2.5 billion deal with the Russian government in April 2017 to the dissatisfaction of the United States, which had warned of repercussions if the deal went through.

The United States has said that if fellow North Atlantic Treaty Organisation member Turkey does not cancel the S-400 deal by July 31, Ankara will be blocked from purchasing the next-generation F-35 fighter jets. "There will be more to follow after that conversation", he said.

In April, the Pentagon claimed that Turkey's adoption of Russian missile could cause security risk on F-35 jets and North Atlantic Treaty Organisation defense system, and threatened to suspend the sale of F-35 jets to Turkey unless it scraps the S-400 deal. Washington earlier warned that it might deny Turkey the purchase of F-35 fighter-bombers, if Ankara pressed ahead with the S-400 deal.

"Turkey is and will continue to be a member of North Atlantic Treaty Organisation, but it is not the partner it used to be", Stephen A. Cook, a Turkey analyst, wrote for the Council on Foreign Relations about the potential S-400 sale.

"It is up to allies to decide what military equipment they buy", a North Atlantic Treaty Organisation official told CNN on Friday.

And in April, the Pentagon announced it was suspending Turkey's participation in a program that trains pilots from USA allies to fly the F-35 until Turkey agreed to cancel purchase of the S-400 system.

He noted that "interoperability of our armed forces is fundamental to North Atlantic Treaty Organisation for the conduct of our operations and missions". It's that simple, " acting Secretary of Defense Mark Esper said last month. Washington has already halted training of Turkish pilots in the United States on the aircraft.

A Turkish Defense Ministry video showed two planes landing at the air base and unloading various military trucks, some of which appeared to be carrying parts of the system. And Turkish maintenance personnel are being trained at Eglin AFB, Fla. He also said he didn't think the United States would impose sanctions on Turkey over the ordeal. The countries have come to agreements on military equipment and monitoring and enforcing ceasefires in Syria.

The United States has been making attempts to prevent Turkey from purchasing Russia's S-400 missile systems.

It's a Russian-made, long-range, surface-to-air defense system. It manufactures part of the F-35 and is due to be a regional hub for maintenance of the aircraft. Six NATO countries have received F-35s: the United States, Australia, Britain, Italy, Norway, Netherlands.

India has also chose to augment its air defence with the Russian S-400 Triumf missile system, sealing the deal in October 2018.

While waiting for the Pentagon to speak, a State Department official declined to comment, pointing to a previous statement that Turkey "will face very real and negative consequences if it proceeds" with the deal.



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