Boris Johnson’s rival for United Kingdom leader accuses him of cowardice

2016 Boris Johnson waves as he leaves 10 Downing Street in London

Johnson has won backing from the Conservative Party's die-hard Brexiteers by insisting the United Kingdom must leave the bloc on the rescheduled date of October 31, with or without a divorce agreement with the European Union to smooth the way.

Boris Johnson could potentially become Britain's next prime minister, but there's little doubt he's the country's biggest fan of cardboard buses.

Hunt asked Johnson to take part in Sky News' televised leadership debate on Tuesday. "I went back upstairs into my flat, and we agreed that we should call the police".

"He contradicts himself in every single interview every time he says, "I will be the man who takes us out without a deal, ' yet at the same time it will destroy businesses and at the same and 'I know the parliamentary arithmetic would not support me'.

And it looks like it's going to come true", Mr Peters said".

Avoiding further questions about the matter at the hustings, Johnson said party members would not be interested in hearing about it, to applause from the audience.

"No, I'm saying I am trustworthy and I believe that I can be trusted to deliver that deal", he added.

Sky News invited Mr Johnson and Jeremy Hunt to take part in the event tonight, hosted by Kay Burley.

Mr Johnson has insisted he will leave by that date "deal or no deal" and challenged his opponent to do the same.

In his usual stuttering style Mr Johnson said: "I don't mean models of buses".

On Brexit, Hunt too has said he is willing to accept a "no deal" departure, but says he is prepared to delay Brexit to get an agreement.

Business leaders have already triggered contingency plans to cope with additional checks on the post-Brexit UK-EU border they fear will clog ports, silt up the arteries of trade and dislocate supply chains in Europe and beyond. I've been a businessman more than half my life, and I think all the scare stories out of the Treasury are ridiculous.

"What I'm talking about is a deal that doesn't involve the backstop as it's constituted, so it would be different".

While admitting that there is no "single magic bullet" to ensure there are no checks on the border after Brexit, he said a "wealth of solutions" exist that would solve the problem.

He said he liked to make model buses.

"Once clear that no one was harmed, I contacted the Guardian, as I felt it was of important public interest", he said.

'But you're saying then that the EU didn't want to accept this idea because they wanted to keep us in the institution, one of the institutions, the European Union.

"And I think it can be something that people can opt out of, but it should be an automatic thing".

" might trigger an election, it might trigger a change of government without an election under the law we now have", Mr Clarke said.

"During his time as Health Secretary, Jeremy Hunt brought the NHS in England to its knees - forcing doctors to take legal action in an attempt to stop backdoor privatisation of the health service".

On his ambitions to be prime minister, he said he had been "waiting for this moment for 30 years of my life".

Asked what it was, 30 years ago, that inspired him, he joked: "I wont say that. I think there'll be a certain period of difficulty".

BJ: I make, I have a thing where I make models of...

'But of course if you come up with a different solution, something that can work, when we'll look at the whole package'.



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