Spider-Man And Venom Crossover Seems Likely - Says Kevin Feige

Audi Helps Spider-Man With A School Project In Short Promo Vid

#SpiderManFarFromHome had the hard task of following two epic Avengers movies AND Spider-Verse and succeeds by telling a smaller, classical story about Peter Parker caught between what he wants and what responsibility demands.

Tom said, though, that he's "definitely a relationship person".

"Spider-Man is one of those superheroes where the more you read about him, for me at least, the less I understand him".

Of course, previous year saw the release of a standalone Venom film (imaginatively titled Venom) with Tom Hardy in the titular role - giving him a new origin story that wiped out any reason for him to be Spider-Man's nemesis.

"They got to know each other while on set". Kevin makes characters in the Marvel Cinematic Universe.

To be honest, I'm seeing the movie soon, and I've never been more excited to go to something.

The critically acclaimed 2017 feature "Spider-Man Homecoming" was his first solo outing.

However, now it seems Marvel wants to bring the two back together.

Watch the announcement video for the Abrams' Spider-Man comic, below.

Mike Cecchini at Den of Geek said; "Spider-Man Far From Home is both a great follow up to Avengers: Endgame and a solid Spider-Man story in its own right".

At this point, the ball is in Sony's court, and we'll just have to wait til they decide on what they're doing.

And finally, the closest thing we've seen to a "bad" review.

A few early critical reactions to Spider-Man: Far From Home are in and apparently it is another win for Marvel. For that matter, Venom doesn't even have to made MCU canon; with Far From Home introducing the concept of the multiverse, the wily symbiote could simply be ported over from an alternate reality.



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