Radio Recap: AOC Compares Southern Border to Concentration Camps

AOC in profile

Playing a video post from Ocasio-Cortez's Instagram feed, Todd took aim at the freshmen Congresswoman for grossly distorting history for her recent use of that loaded term to describe the Trump administration's immigrant detention camps.

"I don't use those words lightly". "A presidency that creates concentration camps is fascist, and it's very hard to say that, because it is very hard to accept the fact that that is how bad things have gotten, but that is how bad things have gotten".

Oddly enough, as Ocasio-Cortez has now designated three full days to defending her definition of "concentration camps", legislators from both parties have been working on a temporary solution for the crisis conditions at the border. "Because you want to teach me so diligently", said Ocasio-Cortez via Twitter, "I'm curious: How would YOU store the construction of Mass for people who are imprisoned without trial, call?" They then provided a link to an online lesson telling the history of the real concentration camps run by the Nazis.

Omar (D-MN) re-tweeted a video clip on Thursday in which CNN commenter Angela Rye makes the argument that the U.S. is indeed on the road to having "death camps".

In another tweet Wednesday, she said Congress should not give the Department of Homeland Security "one dime" to construct "these camps".

Ocasio-Cortez stood by her comments Tuesday, accusing Republican detractors of failing to understand the role of concentration camps.

The Trump administration recently opened up the Fort Sill Army Base to hold children who have entered the country illegally, something the Obama administration had used for the same goal.

A leading Holocaust museum publicly responded to Democratic New York Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez's allegation that the "running concentration camps" on the southern border.

Cheney's tweet sparked a flurry of reaction, including from Jewish commentators who expressed wholehearted agreement with Ocasio-Cortez's statement, which has been echoed by historians and other commentators.

"For the shrieking Republicans who don't know the difference: concentration camps are not the same as death camps", she tweeted Tuesday.

Ocasio-Cortez fired back at Cheney with a Tweet of her own.

"Again, with all due respect to her, she has a different usage of words, maybe a different perception", he said. How about when Bill Clinton launched the detention facilities as a way to deal with the waves of illegal immigrants coming across the border? "Does she not owe every Jew on this planet an apology?"

New York City Mayor Bill de Blasio, whose jurisdiction includes Ocasio-Cortez's district, also told Todd he also feels "you can not compare" the two.

"The terms "Concentration Camp" and "Never Again" are synonymous with and evocative of the atrocities committed by Adolf Hitler's Nazi Germany, in which six million European Jews were systematically denied civil and human rights due to their race and ultimately murdered in state-sponsored genocide", the leaders wrote.



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